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"Bottom line: You've got Jimi Hendrix, you've got Eddie Van Halen, you've got Randy Rhoads and you've got Dimebag Darrell," guitarist Zakk Wylde said.

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"Bottom line: You've got Jimi Hendrix." - Wakk Chyld

A Dr. Popeye-X Music Lesson For Zakk Wylde

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"Bottom line: You've got Jimi Hendrix, You've got Heavy Metal, etc.Jimi Hendrix was NOT Heavy Metal, ok? Not only was he a Psychedelic Blues player... he was THE Psychedelic Blues player. Both his blues and his psychedelia were for the ACID PURIST, and being bombed out drunk on your ass had NOTHING to do with it. Also, and this is AT LEAST as important as his guitar playing, which is TOTALLY important and everybody knows it, in my opinion he was also a POET, in the truest sense of the term. He actually had his own "language" or "dialect", if you will... but, even if you won't, then its only cuz you can't, and I'm sure its because you're so fucking bombed on alcohol, you can barely talk at all, much less write beautiful words. Hendrix's favorite poet was Bob Dylan, and they paid a LOT of money to get "All Along The Watchtower" before Bob put it out. But it was well worth it, because look how it inspired Hendrix's guitar playing. Huh? THAT is why I say its AT LEAST as important as his guitar playing. That ain't heavy metal, son. That's the BLUES, psychedlic style. That's what Jimi Hendrix was the definition of.

A Dr. Popeye-X Music Lesson Add-On For Zakk Wylde

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Dig this. Jimi Hendrix used to play with the Isley Brothers. Are you familiar with Ronnie Isley? That's who John Lennon and the lads were copying when they were playing Twist And Shout, which was arguably the most kick ass Beatle song at the time, I know because I was there, I observed the whole thing, on a song by song basis, and right at the first, Twist And Shout was IT. Many people think the first song on that VeeJay album was the best, that was "I Saw Her Standing There", but I always always always favored the end of the record over the start, that was "Twist And Shout". What really knocked my dick in the dirt was a film of the Beatles playing live in a small theatre doing Twist And Shout. After that, I was a Beatle Maniac. That same film is also where I heard of James Brown and Bo Diddley. Anyhow, they were copying Ronnie Isley. Ozzy Ozbourne is not Ronnie Isley, ok? And that's John Lennon Ozzy is copying when he sings in that nasal whining English way, in case you didn't notice. Ozzy loved John, but John loved Ronnie, and Jimi played with Ronnie and his brothers, he lived with them. Then he went on to take away the psychedelic crown from the Beatles, and he kept it, he never let them have it back. Black Sabbath and all that mess was much much later, after the beatles broke up, and Hendrix was dead. I can't believe I'm even saying this, its so fucked up to me. Throw in Jim Morrison's death and I honestly start getting sick to my stomach. I think the government bumped them off using the Bob Cox method, I really do. Thank God Ronnie Isley whipped Michael Bolton's ass and wound up on tour with Burt Bacharach or I might have missed the whole point which I only realized recently... Ronnie Isley is the best singer I've ever heard in my life, bar none. Guess who Hendrix sings like?

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"Bottom line: You've got Dimebag Darrell, he was in a class by himself."

PPX: No one can really explain how fucked up this senseless murder was, it makes one truly sick. Forgive me for nitpicking, Zakk, I take my Jimi and my Dimebag very seriously, I just can't relate to those other two clowns being lumped in with these Immortals. Its just not the same thing to me. I for one am really getting sick of all this murder of musicians bullshit. Its horrible. Just  thinking about Jam Master Jay and Dimebag Darrell more than I can take.

hendrix talks to the soft machine's ratledge and wyattJimi Hendrix talking to Mike Ratledge and Robert Wyatt of the Soft Machine, this had to be in 1967, or thereabouts. The Soft Machine used to open for Hendrix on his first headlining tour. They were his favorite band.



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