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from: global freedom

yeah, I'm against the oil, but I'm for the right to come and go anywhere to make money, any way I choose, and I'm also for the right to tell Christians to stay the fuck out of my face, and if they can't make up their sentences from scratch based on what we're talking about, but instead insist on talking to me in preset phrases from the Bible, then they are going pay the price of hearing me say exactly what I think, and it won't be "neutral" at all. I don't see any point at all to drive back and forth every day all day long, sit in traffic jams, and pay most of my money to support this ridiculous routine of going nowhere fast. I especailly refuse to plan my whole day around a self centered stubborn battleaxe bitty who always has to have her own way, even though she doesn't require herself to stick to her own plan, and then sabotages the skinpy little 30 minutes SHE'S allocated for the possibility of musci to happen, just being a bully and a no reverse on this truck, it NEVER backs up, even if its running over its own flower beds.I got news for that shit, it WILL back the fuck up off of ME, and stay backed up off, or I will dismantle it into a bucket of broken bolts in 2 minutes. Therefore, that skimpy 30 minutes has been turned into 30 hours per day, do the math, there's no time left to waste arguing about control that's out of control. I will not be micromanaged by someone who can't even manage to shut the fuck up, instead of cycling on the same stupid preset sentence over and over, like repeating the lie makes it be more true each go-round. No it doesn't. Let's say you're making a CD... where is it? Where's the CD? "its been recorded" And? Its not a CD, yet? If its been recorded, then why isn't it a CD? Could it be that perhaps it SOUNDS LIKE SHIT? Maybe its incomplete and isn't worth the money or effort to fix it, why was it recorded in the first place? Ah, the writer's ego? So it goes from idea to decision back to idea and then results in absolutely no change whatsoever. Very effective. Sounds like that battleaxe problem, too much importance being attached to one selfish person who doesn't do any work or pay for anything, their impotance lies in the way they are central to what everyone else has to do, the reason they are central being they put themsleves in the middle of everything and try to stonewall it to death, trying to STOP it.from proceeding. Its all punishment for that other incident where I had the audacity, the nerve , to say exactly what I think. Its terrible isn't it? And look how right I turned out to be... my my my, its enough to make a whole weekend be spent driving back and forth doing nothing, going nowhere, and arguing about arguing.last week.... AGAIN. The answer is NO! Wait a second. Are we really back to that same old theory that George Bush is fighting himself again? He caused 911 so he'd have an excuse to start a war with himself on both sides so... so what? To do what? Why is it so hard to ACCEPT the idea that the US was ATTACKED? It wasn't George Bush attacking himself to fool everybody. That is ASININE. The US WAS ATTACKED, Over 3000 people DIED. Doesn't that count for anything? Your politics are not politics, they are jibber jabber going in an endless circle, completely unable to prove its point because it has no point. Its just AVOIDING facing up to the FACT that 3000 people were murdered, not by our president, but by Islamic murdering assholes who want to KILL US!!! Notice how the dead people matches the desire to kill us part? BIG CLUE. Quit saying Bush is the problem, he's not. Islam is the problem. If you can't face up to it, then press your lips together and quit saying preset sentences that don't mean anything. 3000 people died, and you don't care, because you can't care, because you're afraid to FIGHT to stay alive. You'd rather cycle on meaningless rhetoric blaming Bush for everything, he's on both sides fighting himself, and its a trick. Puleeeese. The minute one of those 3000 murdered people is YOUR family, you will change your tune. But until then you won't, you know why? Because you don't know who the enemy is. Your so called politics is so ass backwards, it turns the whole thought process into an abstraction that goes right back to the same goddamn cycling bullshit, its lock step non thinking follow the robot chasing its tail, sit in traffic go nowhere meaningless nonsense. The US was attacked. If you can't admit that, then discussing the war is kind of a waste of time, right? 911 isn't real enough for you? Fine. Step the fuck aside and let those who want to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT do their thing. At least fill water jugs on the side, HELP OUT in some way. DO NOT WASTE one more second of my time telling me Bush attacked himself as some kind of trick on niggers and faggots. Go ride a bike. DO SOMETHING, but please quit cycling. Its as bad as that battleaxe bitty who I was talking about. She can't admit she's wrong, so she self destructs and tries to wreck the music at the same time. I won't let it be wrecked! When you can admit the US was attacked, then you will have earned the right to discuss the conflict. Until you get that fundamental idea thru your head, you will never convince anyone of anything. There is no thought in it to understand, its just blank empty whining and cycling about the same old shit, and that's what sitting in traffic going back and forth doing nothing is all about, and I'm AGAINST that. The whole idea that the US is somehow responsible for murdering itself is just plain WRONG, period. Find another explanation, that one doesn't make sense on ANY LEVEL. And so help me, if you say Bush attacked himself as a trick one more time, I am going to go berserk on this message board. Stubborn people who can't admit they're wrong shouldn't keep talking in a circle about nothing. Why? No one can agree with something that isn't there to agree with. It doesn't agree with itself, just like a country attacking itself doesn't agree with itself. What I find most shocking is how you put your energy into concern about your NONSENSICAL politics, and never once do you show any sympathy for people and families that were devastated by the ATTACK on the US. You are deliberately choosing your self-contradiction over helping your own country, you'd rather bitch... and DO NOTHING in the process. God, does that remind me of a friend's battleaxe wife who CAN'T ADMIT when she's wrong? You say we haven't been attacked? I rest my case. Please find another subject, you are useless on this one.



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