He Was Dead Before
He Hit The Ground

from: popeye-x infomania

I heard that Dimebag was shot 6 times in the head, in rapid succession, at point blank range. At least he didn't suffer! He was dead before he hit the ground. Its kind of chilling, but really, that's the best way for it to happen. He never knew what hit him. The FIRST thing that happened was he died. The guy kept shooting. The band bodyguard was heroic. He died, too. He stepped to the shooter, and died for doing it. That takes balls, split second balls. Going TOWARDS the gun unarmed. He wasn't the only one. Two other guys did it, too. Same result. That's kinda awesome. A couple more made a move when the guy reloaded. That quickly went nowhere, but they didn't die. Some got shot up pretty bad. Two minutes after the first gunshot, the guy was still calmly shooting people. The song the band was playing wouldn't have been over yet. A cop got the drop on the shooter entering thru the backdoor very discretely. Half a minute later the shooter was already dead, as well. He was probably dead before he hit the ground, too.

This reminds me of some FTW lyrics circa 1992, a little thang called SMILEYFACE SWASTIKA that never got recorded right.. The chorus was like this incident exactly. It went something like this:

XT raps: "I can get a gun and have it cocked and pointed at your head so fuckin' fast before you hit the ground, you'll be dead!"

Something about another XT line:
"Hillbilly Hell ain't even half full!"

And also, XT:
"Remember how we saw, that guy Quick Draw McGraw, and how he would unload, on every episode?"

XT seemed to always be full of advice: "Stick it where you dick her, that will click her quicker, she ain't gonna bicker with a shit faced pussy licker."

Nothing like personal experience to flesh out the story line, eh? I have found that the chances of a lyric connecting with the audience are directly tied to how realistic they seem. It could be anything, even binary code, or grains of sand on your big toe, as long as the singer seems believable singing that part.

Being realistic increases the amount of language you have to draw from. Off the wall shit works great when you're a fly on that wall.



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