Dr. Beaker Sends Along A Hello
To Chuckwagon And The Duke

Mike Mercury infomania

I was telling Will about how Chuckwagon still pops in his ELP Works Vol. 1 cassette to go eat mexican food, and how Chuckwagon said THANK YOU for the cool tickets to the Keith Emerson Band gig, and that really resonated with him strangely enough....
There's something about THANK YOU and showing good manners can really strike a chord sometimes, he said You're Very Welcome Mr. Chuckwagon, I didn't tell him how Veronica said she would never get free tickets to a concert from me again, that was MY fault, so I didn't mention that part.
Then I asked if he remembered the Duke, and he said "Of course, he's HOT, or he was..." I assured him he still was, and always will be, and not only that, but that me & the Duke had come to a new level of mutual friendship after a complete falling out over the issue of one certain chickenshit lying piece of shit named Steven Earl Cureton, whom I defended staunchly like the goddamn idiot.I can be from time to time. At least I'm a loyal idiot.
By the way, I finally found out why me and Will are such enduring friends for so long, I've often wondered about that myself, I mean, I know why I would be friends with him, no problem, but why would he bother with little ol' me? I'm nobody, or damn close to nobody... Tonight he pointed out WHY our friendship had endured, and you know what he said the reason was? Can anyone guess? Its not because of keyboards. Its because, in his words,

always right, and you never lie."

Then he went on to say how totally appalled and disappointed he is in Mike Taylor, and when the time was right, he wanted to hear the whole, fucked up story behind what I have called
ULTRACHUG, also known as the
Coxsucker Conspiracy. I told him, "You just ain't gonna believe what Taylor has done to HIMSELF this time." The big question of the moment is "What is Johnny Law gonna do about it?" I guess we'll find out sooner or later, there was a big wingding on channel 9 about Identity Theft and Mail Fraud last night. Anybody see that? While it was on, I loaded all the emails of the first half of 2002 into the system, to extract a few gems here and there. The sheer pain of it hit me like a frieght train, I've forgotten so much of it, its kind of bizarre, I've gradually blocked most of it out of my mind. The emails to and from Steven Earl Cureton are the most outrageous element of it, to read it in hindsight is a bit of a shocker, even to me, and I lived thru it. It reminds me of Scott Petersen's mother in law defending him thru thick and thin, only to have her daughter and grandson wash up on the shore right where he was fishing the day she disappeared.



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