Re: hilariously cold as fuck

from: Mugtoe

The dispatches come with increasing frequency lately. Comrades standing side by side in a battle for dear life and dearer honor. Under the shadow of a sudden and far-reaching military defeat for the British Empire at Singapore I sit smoking a cigarette in this basement in the Land of Plenty. Churchill lisps like Daffy Duck as he almost single-handedly stands up to the Axis powers and wins freedom from tyranny for Christian civilization with the power of the spoken word Ė a civilization which would subsequently submit itself to an act of auto-vivisection from fear of holding complete dominion over Creation. Thank God for the free flow of oil at market prices. Thanks again, God, for making life so convenient here in the Aftermath. Who is larger than life now? I am. I am that I Am now that I wasnít before we got together and decided to blow off God. But I Am not any bigger than myself. Neither am I inclined to weigh my instinct for self-preservation against the nobility of an Idea. A disproportionate ration of that predisposition was squandered by the last few generations in their struggle to save the world for those of us who really donít give a shit. They burned up all that resource and retired before we could find a channel worthy of it. Now are we ripe for the harvest. We are robust and healthy like overfed babies reaching out from the shopping cart at everything along the shelves. Our flesh is marbled and rich. Our only problem is our endless bleating. We have lost the sense of our own history, and we are doomed to suffer the fate of the Self-Important. Bring it on, brother; bring it on. Why did Jesus conquer Death? What the hell does that mean? We still die, donít we? What good are we without suffering? Where is the strength in a lack of healthy stress? I think Paul conquered Death and just used Jesus as the fall guy for his shenanigans. We got all this way just so most of us donít have to live or die by our own wits and merits. We have found a collective Comfort Zone where the greatest number can put forth the least effort. Success! Weíve reached that Pleasant Mediocrity that we didnít realize we were striving for all those generations. The Truth of the matter is that Laziness has driven all of mankindís progress throughout the course of History. Weíve put forth a tremendous effort to ensure that the herd can grow and become complacent. This is the only way for its power to be harnessed. We have reached that phase at last. We have achieved the Christian Ideal. We have exalted the Base and lowered the Great until we no longer hold dominion over anything but the remote control next to the easy chair. Weíre a step away from Kobi steaks at this point. Massage therapists do make house calls now, however. The first step towards recovery should be mandatory assessment of basic skills at the high school level. Those who for whatever reason have no knowledge of History, Language, Arithmetic, and Geography at the time of graduation will simply be put to work in factories or eliminated. Indentured servitude will take the place of welfare, and chattel slavery could be re-introduced in several pilot areas on a site-by-site basis. All public projects will be manned by municipal slaves who perform their work for room and board alone. These workers will be chemically castrated. The holes in their ranks formed by attrition will be filled by recruits from the convict population. Anyone can opt out of this arrangement simply by not applying for government assistance and public education. However, the stiff vagrancy laws should ensure relatively high enrollment.



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