Hundreds If Not Thousands

from: hang on loopy infomania

Wait till you get a hold of my latest loops, I just made about 13 new ones of Gabitzsch-Head The Second running thru the notorious Guitar Rig by Native Instruments. That's the Krauts that spawned the world's most name-droppable synthesizer, Reaktor, (Reznor and Clouser know what I'm sayin') which is what spawned the world's most user-friendly audio sequencing instrument, Ableton LIVE 4, (Popeye-X would like to thank Clouser for dropping that name, too). Gabitzsch 2 sounds not unlike our favorite 6 string philosopher, mainly due to one particular effect called Psychedelay, which was a stroke of genius on NI's part. They made the connection between 1967's beautiful "Let me prove it to ya..." and 2004's obnoxious "tada.wav". But leave it to those Sourkraut'n'Sausage Squareheads to come up with something to usurp what those Rice'nSeaweed Slanteyes were wise enough to scarf up (Sony's ACID). Hmmm, this post is making me hungry as a motherfucker.

I think its really cool than an American Knucklehead Blues Poet murdered by the CIA (see "A Popeye-X Music Lesson For Zakk Wylde") is the connecting rod in this instance, which only goes to show the psycho-sexual prowess of the philosopher, exactly as was openly bragged about by Voltaire in the 18th century (Popeye-X drops the name of perhaps the greatest prankster of them all, read "CANDIDE" if you want to really laugh your fucking ass off, please note the linguistical connection to "voltage controlled modular synthesis", i. e. the "volt" part, yep, that's the dude). I was told Louis XIV threw him in the Bastille repeatedly, to which, like a fool, I asked "WHY?" Popeye-X needs to read his own shit more often, but next time, actually believe his own genius, and quit being bamboozled by these LAMERZ who insist he needs to "take a pill". KISS MY ASS you Coxsucking bastards!!!! And I MEAN it! Fucking Ted Bundy In Wingtips assholes. Those "trumpets and violins you hear in the distance" are drawing near... that's the signal of your DEMISE, you fucking pricks, and its not a moment too soon! That's what this friggin' website is all about, in case anybody failed to notice.

Of course, its the little people that understand perfectly what I'm talking about, don't even bother wondering if your first impression was right or not, it was DEAD ON, and always will be. Yes, I AM saying what you thought I was saying, don't ever doubt it for one second. Its been centuries in the making, it can't be stopped or even slowed down, no matter how many lies the LAMERZ tell themselves, the young people will ALWAYS "get it", right off the bat. More power to them, I always say, and that is exactly why Mr. Gabitzsch The First is welcome to all the loops he can choke on, and believe me, I got 'em. Every time I make one and pass it on to a younger person, that's one more brick coming OUT of the wall. The Cureton's of this world are DOOMED, and I'm only too happy to be the little ol' geezer with the hammer, pounding the nails in that coffin.



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