One Slow, Long Term Home Invasion By So-Called Friends

a survivor

I just woke after napping all day. I had a most peculiar dream. My old cats Buddy and Babycat were in the dream, (wiping tears), at least I still have them in my dreams, right?

I woke up with a crystal clear view of the Coxsucker Conspiracy, seeing it for what it actually was, (see title). I'm trying not to whine about it, after all, I was a survivor, I was lucky one. Others weren't so lucky, and I'm talking about a human being, perhaps more than one, as well as my two cats, which I consider to be equivalent to human beings, they were certainly beloved family members.

This huge crime was perpetrated by three so-called friends, ALL of them sociopaths, without conscience. They ALL belong in prison, for a short list of state and federal crimes, and one belongs there permanently for the crime of cold blooded murder. I am doing everything within my power to see they are brought to justice, and if that never happens, then I am going to forget all about it, and forgive them in the name of Jesus, just like Claude Morgan thinks I should.

Der Tremoloids 1973 - that's Mike Taylor laying face down on the ground, the same way he's gonna look the last time I see him

So there it is, Mr. Cureton, in black and white, go ahead and make a copy of it, and stash it away for a keepsake. According to how I have it worked out, its going to be snitches first. Obviously, the "all at once" theory is too good to be true, not to mention a little too obvious. One at a time is bad enough as it is. We can't have a couple of whining, scared shitless snitches, running to and fro, hoping to save their own hides, can we? No, that would never do. It has to be in reverse order of incrimination, that means
YOU'RE FIRST, Stevie-Boy!

What do you say now,
chickenshit assholes?

Anybody else notice how they never say anything back about any of this? Except for when Cureton's girlfriend comes on and snitches him off, aside from that, despite all the accusations, despite all the threats, you'd think somebody would say something in their own defense, even if its just to tell me to fuck off, right?

Even passing strangers do that, like Webgoat and the Autotest customer. If someone was openly calling you a liar, a thief, or a murderer, wouldn't you at least reply, or tell the police, even sue they're ass off? That was one of Cox's CUSTOMERS, the one who said I should "take a pill". I asked him if he'd like to be shot in the face with a 12 gauge shotgun, and said I wasn't joking, because I wasn't. What if someone was talking to one of your customers like that? Hmmm?

Search Bexar Nekkid Music in Google. What do you see? Several pages from this website first. Ms. Blues Society was wanting to "establish a web presence" for Mike Taylor, instead you get all of my shit, WHY IS THAT? Could it possibly be...
I'm right? I'm telling the

This is your future.
ALL going in the toilet,
precisely because
ALL pieces of shit.



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