ME? What about Cureton?

from: I am not the issue, I'm the victim, remember?

If "Zappa wouldn't have liked" me, how come he invited me to his house and let me play on his Synclavier? Not even the band got to do that. I defy you to tell me one thing you have ever done in your whole life that compares to that.

You know what the coolest part about it was? Frank Zappa (the ultimate dude in music as far as I'm concerned) was the nicest, most humble human being you would ever care to meet, especially in the music business. You obviously don't know the first thing about Frank Zappa, and neither do your friends.

Do you want me to pop in my false teeth so you won't feel so awkward? I'm sorry you don't think my clothes are hip. I'm OLD, Red. Try to comprehend what that means.

Sometimes I'm too lazy to care what society thinks. I'm not trying to live up to whatever standard it is you're talking about. I'm an artist, son, I don't care what ANYBODY thinks. Not even you, who I've never met, nor heard of.

What you saw was nothing. Ask anybody. The defragmentation that exists in my life would totally blow your mind. If its any consolation, its always been that way, even when I was young. Dressing like total shit was my hobby in high school, I've been sent to the vice principal's office bunches of times, just for my clothes. Sometimes I dress up real nice, not only nice, but real freaky. I even read in the newspaper about how COOL my clothes were. Nancy Walmartinez used to go on and on about what great teeth I have. I didn't have the heart to tell her they were plastic.

Now, come on, Red, you said something about meeting "face to face" someday, what happened? What's all this "hint" bullshit? You backed down for some reason. Was I too pathetic for you to bother with? You figured it would be better to spout the same old cliches from a safe distance, right?

I don't blame you, I can be quite a pain in the ass sometimes, I have been known to actually be hilarious in a battle of the wits, I make up all my own shit, you know, I don't use presets at all. By that I mean cliches like "get a life", or "been there, done that", etc. I make up everything I say on the spur of the moment, using only razor wit, and an annoying ability to stay on topic. Like, you'll never see me jumping from subject to subject, picking things at random to say preset "bad things" about someone with. If you've got a bone to pick with me, either come pick it, or shut the fuck up. And please stay on the subject.

The topic was Steven Earl Cureton, I believe, wasn't it? Are you trying to insinuate in any way that I am not 100% truthful in everything I've said about him? What does my clothes have to do with anything? Have you ever noticed how its always people on THIS message board, talking about what a complete waste of time THIS message board is? How many years has it been, Red?

I could win you over in a second, I can tell. If you spent 5 minutes in my studio when something is happening, there ain't no way a pro engineer would not be impressed, if not blown away. You'd see the MUSIC THING that is going on, this website wouldn't even enter your mind, if anything, you'd be saying, "So THAT'S why he's always babbling about Reaktor..."

 Undoubtedly, my new cat Missy would come to greet you, like she does to everybody else. Keep in mind, she's climbing all over the studio gear, getting petted by everybody, and sitting on various laps, even when they're trying to play.

Then I'd suddenly stop everything, and look you right in the eye, and in a gentle way, tell you THIS is the place where Bob Cox came in to sabotage recording gear, steal bank information, and murder my cats... and it would blow your mind, because music people don't do that kind of shit.

Then I'd tell you, Steven Earl Cureton thinks he can help cover up where the money stolen right out of my bank went to... then I would assure you he CAN'T do that. You'd understand COMPLETELY.

What is on this website is from that situation. It is very REAL. I would point to my cat and say, "Can you imagine what kind of man would kill that animal because they're jealous of all THIS?" If you have any humanity in you, you'd have nothing but sympathy for me.

Then I'd say, "Now, imagine a sound man who mixes live gigs helping a cowardly asshole like that, just so he could fake everyone into thinking he had PRODUCED certain CD's, but actually didn't mix any of them." You'd see where I was coming from so clearly, Red, I just know you would. You'd ask me, "Cureton did that?" And I'd assure you he did, and you wouldn't see anything boastful, or proud, or egotistical on my face at all, only sincere sadness. You wouldn't even care if I was dressed all spiffy and had my teeth in and had my beard trimmed.

Its not even something I COULD lie about, it doesn't make a very coherent lie, its not my style at all. It smacks of reality, and there's no doubt in my mind, with the music pouring forth from the speakers, you'd believe me, and I'm talking about 100%. All the fight would be gone out of you, your musical integrity would force it out, its totally inappropriate anyway.

In case you haven't figured it out,
I'll put it in plain English for you,
Mr. Red Corbett:

Steven Earl Cureton is lying

to you and webgoat,
and his girlfriend,
and his mom,
and anybody who'll listen.

Now, if you want to keep scrapping about nothing, come on back... On second thought, perhaps you should keep steppin', like you did on that "face to face" conversation you were talking about. I will have no mercy on you, and that's all the fair warning you're going to get.



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