Hey, Mr. Mugtoe,
I Bet You Thought
They Had Enough, Eh?

from: curious to hear
NF's slant

note 2 tha Duke:
 the shirt is different!

that's Stanley-boyFirst I wanna send a shout out to the Duke, credit where credit is due, he was the first to come right out and say it, and he has never said anything else, and he was SO FUCKING RIGHT, fuck! I can hardly believe how right he was. I had to expand my mind just to fit it all in the frame. He was even talking about that goddamn plaque! Duke! You are my hero, I'm serious. You are a heroic motherfucker in my eyes. From the beginning you suggested I make some kind of online way "to wake up to the chit" everyday, and deal with it like you'd drink a glass of orange juice, a burst of energy to face the day with. You even thru in some analogy about the lint in Mom's Mably's dryer. My God, do you know how fucking funny that is to me? I think you do, you were laughing at your own email, I'm sure. I recently posted that email and my reply, and your reply to my reply.

Then all hell broke loose, and I found out what was really happening, (thank you Bob Cox and Jeff Walters!) I believe by that time we had even had our only major falling out ever in over 30 years, and it was from me DEFENDING Cureton! I started posting about Bexar Nekkid on board #5, and we started the "chickenshit" era on board #7, NeverForget was on board (literally) by #8, and now Lucky #13 is about to be unfurled.

Ok, now, onto Mister Mugtoe, who not only put Babycat and Buddy on his Spread Eagle Ranch site, and a big front page link to Steve Cureton, but he also hosted this site thru a period so heartbreaking, I'm not real sure I could have kept going by myself. It costs money, you know. You will never have to deal with even one pop up here, and even the totally worthless are permitted the freedom to make asses out of themselves here. They are given sufficient leeway to say what they wanna say, and then anybody can say what they wanna say back.

I'm sure Stash is just as amazed as I am at all this mess, he was the second person to tell me about the existence of something called the Internet, the first was Will Alexander, they both said,  "Toiletside Reader, Toiletside Reader, Toiletside Reader..."

I find out about the most amazing shit, just by reading my own website! Its not supposed to be that way, is it? It started as an output, but became an input... from Hell. Last night I heard that the hot pick on the stock market is... Google? Oh, my God, isn't that how Turkie Nazi found Popeye-X in the first place? That's how I I cried my eyes out putting this picture in hereheard of it. And that's when I met Mugtoe. And that's when Bob Cox assasinated Buddy, the funniest fucking studio bad cat I ever saw in my life. Buddy sabotaged every single recording on that ADAT log Taylor so proudly displayed, Buddy was on those tunes infinitely more than Taylor, he was fucking them up by jumping on the keyboards and everything else constantly! (1992-1997) Its only right that Google turns out to be the very thing that Opponents Of Popeye-X dread the most.



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