My Fucked Up Life

from: popeye-x infomania

Man, I was just ridin' my Schwinn bicycle in the after midnight rain, a car drives by, some kid yells, "Get a job, hippie!" Fuck that shit. I'm too busy doing important work, like smoking a big fat reefer in the middle of the street, while it rains, way after midnight. FUCK YOU CLOWNS!!! Come say that shit to my face, you punk motherfuckers! There's always chickenshits passing by real fast saying shit they won't stick around and say, they don't know real fun when they see it. See this long stringy hair? There's no dye in it. I ain't TRYING to make you think I'm Paul McCartney, not one single grey hair. See this skraggly beard? It comes from not having to shave everyday, or is it month, or is it year? Who knows? Who Cares? I don't. Why should you? Do you wish you were me? No? Then what possible business is it of yours, unless, of course, you want me to be you? I don't get it sometimes. For instance, when I look at "normal" people. What is normal anyway? I don't fucking know. I know this: Bob Cox dresses ULTRANORMAL, but its just a disguise, he is like the Devil's own retarded pixie. I wonder if Jim "Red" Corbett wears wingtips? Imagine Ted Bundy in wingtips, and you have a good picture of Satan's own retarded pixie nephew, Mr. Bob Cox. After what I have seen, the asskissers of ultranormalcy, desperately seeking recognition, have no regard for the basic human dignity or rights of a person they are JEALOUS of... What kind of sense does that make? And I swear to God, every single one of them is a goddamn engineer! Now come on, what are the odds of that? I like my fucked up life. I have a lot of good friends, if you think about it, I don't have to write "us", a bunch of "us" are already here. Look how many answers there have been. Not one from a goat tick. See why I call them chickenshit? Its so obvious. Its a lot of fun saying exactly what I think, a lotta fun. I would like to thank anybody who has supported my right to free speech, I support yours, too, even if you disagree with me, which is a symptom of mental illness, you know. But its your right to be insane. Please allow me mine, without putting me down about it. I just might surprise you by having something unique no one else has to offer, like music software and the knowlege thereof. Here's where the engineers go into absolute SHIT FITS of jealousy. But, hey, they mix VOLUMES at live gigs... they're superstasrs of show business! Punk bitch lackey motherfuckers, go suck my synthesizer's dick! You couldn't make it to square one in a sophisticated sound machine like Reaktor, you wouldn't even have the guts to open it up, much less tackle how to use it. Get a job? Get FUCKED, I'm doin' this!



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