I Wanna Be Just Like Mike Taylor

from: The Casbeers Queer, Esteban AKA
Steven Earl Cureton, CHEERS


I've had my heart broken by a long string of heartless, ruthless women, I'm dating one right now. She's 32 years old, and a bit of a lush, but the worst part is somewhere, way down inside the inner reaches of her little girl's heart, she harbors a genuine respect, even a fondness, for that snot dribblin', toothless, trailertrash scumbag, Dr. Popeye-X. She won't admit it, she even scoff's at the notion, but when she's feeling fed up and abused, and totally sick of my twisted S&M self-loathing, she actually turns to that lunatic for solace! Its like she TRUSTS him, or something. I'm serious! I've told her over and over he's delusional, fictional, unstable, tempermental, old, stubborn, and worst of all, he puts this ridiculous importance on the well-being of a stupid, little timid cat!

That's why I wanna be like Mike Taylor. He reallly knows how to do the digital audio production thing, he's actually seen Popeye-X do it a few times! Another reason I wanna walk in Slothy's footsteps (that's what we call him, its short for "Slothbaron"), he really knows how to navigate the pitfalls of poontang. His long term steady girlfriend would never, ever make a beeline for Popeye-X just because of a little rough stuff at home. She damn sure wouldn't call Popeye-X on the phone and assure him she had a really nice looking ass, much less promise to send him a picture of it!

That's why I admire Mike Taylor's manly control of his fiance's lifestyle. I can't even imagine her going over to Popeye-X's studio wearing crotchless panty hose, carrying a small whip in her purse, and winding up giving a couple a blowjobs, one to a complete stranger, and loving every minute of it. That could NEVER happen. Especially not for one line of crank... a very small line.

Nancy Gray-Jetton Walmartinez, please take note.

I am so impressed by Slothbaron's paternalistic dominance, it actually turns me on a little bit. Ok, a LOT. I have a "gay side", you know. Its common knowledge. I don't know how Mugtoe would feel about this, but I actually get off when Taylor fucks me in the ass, repeatedly. Yes, it hurts, yes, there's feces released in the process, yes, it does split my ass wide open... but that ass that's taking all that Sloth-dick so deeply is MINE! And Popeye-X can't have any! Not even a .jpg, or even the promise of a .jpg!

I may be a suck up extraordinaire, with a contortionists flair for bending over backwards to slurp on music industry Vienna sausages, but my ASS's heart belongs to Taylor. I wanna be just like him. My secret desire is to get in bed with Bob Cox, not just an edge of the bed suck job... I'm talking UNDERCOVER, butt bustin' turd burglarizin'! Yes, TAKE me, my life is YOURS, make me your willing PUPPET.... FUCK ME, you ugly son of a bitch!

Woohoo, with a shout out to all the gang at Casbeers, SABS, and TCMN! CHEERS!!!!



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