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All Too Well
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05-01-14 ::: 20:17:06 ::: infomania

I am duct taping the whole chunk of chickenshit into a ball of welcome, muffled silence as I type this very post. The gold spray paint is still drying on the PTL "praise furniture".. Once it dries, you'll see me playing dumb to the mere mention of their stupid ass names.

I still say the Duke is a prophet, when I read about that piece of lint from Moms Mabley's clothes dryer, I have to pause and marvel in profound ANNOYANCE at the presence of that motherfucking blues plaque that caused so much trouble in my life. My only consolation for the damage it did me, and you,  is the damage its going to do them. That is the lynchpin the whole seesaw was precariously balanced on.. I guess we'll know soon enough... I will for sure.LUCKY ME, eh? hehe.

Actually I am ridiculously lucky, to have friends who have stood by me, and incredible luck picking up a few staunch advocates of beyond 100% agreement. I think POJ is the most amazing part of the whole thing. Remember that silly post about "Jeff Walters Is A Snitch"? Remember? You were concerned and asked me what that was about?

Well, that was about THIS SAME OLD SHIT, and the ones he was snitching off was THEM, and the one he was snitching them off to was ME.

And Duke, get this, I swear to God, at first, I REFUSED TO BELIEVE IT!!! I staunchly stood by my trust in that other idiot, not the one was got in a big tizzy about, the other fool, the one with the extremely "bloated head". There's was something about the way Jeff gave me that "you are a goddamned idiot" look, I know that look? That's the "I must be getting pitiful" look? He had to TALK ME INTO "at least considering the possibility." To my credit, I switched real fast, and he gave me the perfect starting point, and I do mean perfect.

It wasn't long until I realized how "psychic" (meant as a joke) the Duke is, but also how "prophetic" (meant as a sincere acknowledgement of great wisdom that I am so fucking GRATEFUL for) the Duke is, and I know he knows as well as I do the black cloud that been associated with that friggin' Robert Johnson plaque. It should be called a PLAGUE, instead of a PLAQUE. But before the meatwagon's clear the streets and all has resorted to normal, I believe there's still a few stragglers they need to pick up and take with them when they go out in the desert to meet up with the MotherDumpster... The Great Intergalactic Gutwagon that hauls off all the slimy, smelly shit even a possum wouldn't touch with a ten foot LAN cable.

The Duke is right... MUSIC is the point. If it weren't, none of this shit would have been necessary.



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