never explain a joke,
especially if it really
cracks you up

From: comedy artist
05-01-22 :::: 05:12:15 ::::

hey, as long as it makes you laugh, who gives a fuck
if its not funny?

speaking of "jokes" I have just been reading and re-reading some things I wrote yesterday, one is a medium size abridged version of the Coxsucker Conspiracy, pared down for easy comprehension by cops and DA's, just the bustable stuff and some motive backgrounds.

the other is an email I sent to Cureton showing him what I wrote in the above thing I just mentioned. This frigging moron with no heart or brains has never known what's really been going on, what forces are behind the conspiracy he wanted so desperately to be a part of, he never stopped to really ask himself, WHY IS COX DOING THIS? His whole reality is based on what Cox tells him to think.

I gave Cureton a little hint about the fallacy of believing in someone who is an even bigger liar than you are.

Its is rather humorous as well as scathing and VERY RIDICULOUS. I promise to share it with this board at the appropriate moment. basically , it lambasts the Hell out of Cureton, mercilessly making fun at how incredibly stupid he is, I just wanted him to understand for sure the fault was entirely his own.

Then I link to the big explaination of the whole she bang, including electronic bank robbery and murder.

In all this time Cureton and Taylor have been clueless that these schemes were planned and plotted over at Mike Taylor's house, what they never dreamed of is that very same house is also the murder scene from a 1994 homicide Cox got away with...

this MASTERMIND they're blindly following is all fired up plotting bank robberies because he's all inspired by being AT THE MURDER SCENE he got away with in 94. Its Ted Bundy In Wingtips...

And these Puppet Buttsuckin' Ultra Moron Idiots think he's doing it to help their wonderful audio mixing talents

It is so monumentally embarrassing, monolithicly moronic, and totally against all known laws, these clowns will never live this shit down, mainly because they are so banal, immoral, without conscience, selfish to the point of lunacy, a true break with fake-reality, and please don't ever forget "astronomically STUPID",
it can't be measured,
science doesn't go that high yet.

You will definitely get a chuckle out of the way I present the "real story" to Cureton for the first time...

Sometimes I can be so... shall we say... bombasticly blunt to a mind dulling NUB?

Yet the clarity of my points shine thru negative matter banks, plowing the edge of a black hole wide open, with blinding lights pouring out of the high gravity pitch black clouds of crustacean nebula debris, like a hole where the REAL DEAL comes poking its ugly head up

you think Mike Taylor is ugly? the real truth behind ULTRACHUG makes him seem like an Al Queda Shirley Temple who just woke up in a bad mood

It is so much worse than I have said it would be, it takes about a week to fit this much idiocy into your head where it doesn't fall right back out from

I promise those who are interested will read it all, but I wanted to do a little pre promo so you'd be geared up to LAUGH YOUR FUCKING ASSES OFF at Steven Earl Cureton and his unique self-inflicted predicament.



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