The Silence From The Anti-War Camp Is Deafening

from: A Person Who Still Believes In the American Flag And What It Stands For
05-02-01 ::: 12:11:35 ::: infomania

"This was a good day!" - a resident of Bhagdad with a smile on his face. He said that after spending the whole day working as a technician helping an American journalist cover the Iraqi national election. They were packing up all their gear and this Bhagdad resident was thinking about what he had seen that day, and without any prompting, he said , "This was a good day!" I really have nothing to say, I am wiping tears from my eyes thinking about those Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice, but they aren't exactly tears of despair, quite opposite. All the bitching and accusations and critcism is still ringing in my ears, from the media, from people on this board, from EVERYWHERE, but to even have ONE good day in Bhagdad says it all. Later on, I heard the usual naysayers in the media saying things so positive, the moderators were constantly asking them to repeat what they said, to make sure they heard them right.. Then some guy with a thick Iraqi accent came on, you could tell he was anything but pro-American, his thing was Iraqi nationalism, and he described the voter turnout as an across the board change in the general concensus of the average Iraqi citizens. The two most outstanding, and UNDENIABLE changes were, #1 a DEATHBLOW had been delivered to the insurgents, which are now referred to as "terrorists", instead of "insurgents", and #2 was the unmistakable thing in the human spirit, that being the difference between feeling afraid, tightlipped, and under the thumb of a stronger force, verses the "not afraid of anybody", say what you really think, braveness one might associate with popeye-x on this board, except popeye-x doesn't have gunfire and mortar rockets blowing up in the distance as he struts his big mouth from the relative safety of his midi bunker. Even though the demographics of voting followed the predicted percentages,all day long, at the polling places, when voters were asked if they were Shiite, Suni, or Kurds, over and over average Iraqis were heard to say openly, "What business is it of yours? I am an Iraqi, and that's all that matters." several times I heard different guys summarize the day's info by saying it really didn't matter so much WHO won the election, because just being able to have some say in their own lives was an across the board victory for ALL Iraqis, and they all felt that way. Many were even dressed up for the occasion. It remains to be seen whether America will be able to extract its forces from Iraq gracefully, the fighting ain't over by as long shot. It pisses punks off to have their asses kicked in front of everybody, so they've gotta do something as the RUN AWAY. Let just hope theAmerican military gets the go ahead to annihilate them on the way out the door, like they did on the highway from Kuwait to Iraq. The last ten miles of the road right before the Iraqi border was like a barbeque pit, littered with burnt out husks of vehicles formerly filled with booty, all of it blown to blackened shit, with dead guys and parts of dead guys EVERYWHERE, by the thousands. The view from a helicopter was AMAZING, I never saw so much blown up shit in my life. It must have been a big traffic jam when the American planes arrived, because it was and endless junkyard after they left. FREEDOM is the only force STRONG enough to defeat MURDER and LIES, and once again, the American flag has refused to back up or back down, and once again it has proven, with the blood of Americans, that what it stands for is not a LIE. (wiping tears) God bless America and God bless the soldiers who made it possible.



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