Antares Auto-Tune 4
It Makes That "Cher" Noise
05-02-03 ::: 01:29:55 :::: infomania

"do you believe in love?" remember that little squiggle on Cher's voice? I don't know what they used on that, but Antares Auto Tune 4, is the most client requested plug in my studio, (in addition to "deep plate reverb"), I even request it myself. One day, after about 2 or 3 days of incessant fuzz riffing, Gabitzsch Patch Eric and I were floundering (especially me) on our guitars, usually I play the meatstick slab gristle, and young Eric handles the tweedle dee dwee dwee , but sometimes we switch, it reminds me of when me and my brother Kyle used to stand at the toilet and have "swordfights" while we were pissing, brothers always piss at the same time, you know, well, I was a bit fatigued, or just plain out to lunch, and Eric's Fender Mustang, the same one used by the original settlers of California, (its really old,) back when a Mustang was a horse, instead of a car with 3 taillights on each side, it has that "spatula" blade Floyd Rose whammy bar on it, somewhere between my KORG DTR-1 tuner and that infernal spatula flex, there developed a discrepancy that was as undeniable as it was unignorable, you could say it was downright GOD-AWFULLY out of tune, and I mean nothing was blending right, not even with itself. For a test, I inserted an Antares Auto Tune 4 plug-in between each recorded guitar and its respective output bus, I set the voice range for alto/tenor, selected the key of E, and set the scale to chromatic, set the rate on fast and the amount on the "relaxed" side, as opposed to the "choosey" side, and even these god awful out of tune, unmistakable heavy metal sour boing fuzzface "ring-modulation-esque" squigglyandos were corrected by Antares enough to where it actually wasn't PAINFUL to behold. Hell, I could almost listen to the whole thing, the full 5 minutes of sad sack of shit string flailing... I said ALMOST.

Just knowing it sounded worse than I was hearing it was enough to make me hit the delete NOW key commands I have grown so accustomed to. But still, there was something amazing about how WELL Antares Auto Tune 4 works! It works on anything, even screaming fuzz guitar, makes it sound just like Cher singing thru an MXR rack mount Pitch Shifter like Billy Gibbons was tapping his finger on during the song "Sleeping Bag", form the Afterburner LP. You can hear a slight warbling glitch in the guitar's pitch, all courtesy of the real source of today's complex electronic sound... BROKEN MACHINERY! Intermittent Malfunction Glossaglia is a vital ingredient of today's quest for the perfect wet and squiggly, fuzz-encrusted "thing" to warble on. Hmmm, I wonder if NeverForget could make that Cher noise? With Antares Auto Tune 4, I KNOW she could.



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