You Ought To See The Blustering Arrogance

From: its like a retard with a monumental
chip on his shoulder

05-02-05 ::: 17:53:55 ::: infomania

He reminds me of a cornered possum, all hissin' and showing teeth, and dumber than a fence post, blindly sticking to the only pattern of survival it knows, right before you deal with it. It never crosses his mind to put on a good act of innocence, you know, a show of empathy for the victims, and then a calm, rational statement that shows he couldn't possibly be behind their tragedy.

He thinks of HIMSELF as the victim, ranting and raving how much he really means what he says when he rambles incoherently about "burden of proof", etc. etc. I tell him if I didn't think the facts could prove themselves, I wouldn't say a word. He has this idea that I am supposed to prove something, and keeps insisting he's losing patience WITH ME, like I'm putting him out somehow. I've told him 15 or 25 times in a row, "it has nothing to do with me", I'm the VICTIM, only one of many, what I do, say, or think has nothing to do with any of it.

He's like a broken record, bound and determined to keep the focus squarely on me, and ONLY on me, never himself. Never what HE did. Never what HE said. Never on what HE thinks. He doesn't scoff at the idea something happened or not, he scoffs at the idea he can be caught for it or not, and I've pointed out 15 to 25 times his whole concept of impunity comes from who? The exact same person I'm saying is controlling him like a willing puppet, the very same sick fuck who murders little cats, yep its that same fuckwit who's showing off all his bank fraud crimes on the anniversary of some poor fool's death, the same fool who died a horrible death right there in Mike Taylor's bathroom, right after he was last seen alive right there in Mike Taylor's living room, with this same perpetrator's ex-wife.

Its all too much for Steven Earl Cureton's widdle, bitty head, and he is ENERGIZED by the maintainence of his quickly evaporating delusion. Over and over he repeats certain key phrases he thinks are solid, I respond to them directly, pointing out the fallacies they display. He ignores what I say and repeats them verbatim. They are his "retarded possum survival presets". I even tell him, not only is my story solid with the evidence, and with the word of 3 other eyewitnesses, but I ENCOURAGE him to keep lying because, in the context of what I am alledging, his lame attempt to repeat what he has been told to say only proves my point all the more. Time and time again, what he says comes to rest where? The word of this exact same CRIMINAL ASSHOLE named Robert Willis Cox.

It is so obvious when Cureton goes thru his mood swing from beat down submission to in your face rage and arrogance. All it would take is one real life encounter with a person such as myself or the Duke, who is fed up with LIES and SHIT talking, and this motherfucker would be instant dumpster lunchmeat, covered with swarming maggots and stinking to high heaven like the bag of shit he truly is.

On a side note, he has meticulously studied the posts of NeverForget, and he thinks he has figured out who she is. It sounds to me like he's going in the same circle of misinformation as always, he is truly demented, and the most outstanding characteristic is that classic alcoholic pattern.... ENDLESS REPETITION with a NASTY DISPOSITION. It doesn't matter at all what you say to him, he doesn't even notice what it means.

What it boils down to is this: we ALL say the same thing, he's a lying, thieving pile of chickenshit, and he's gonna pay, one way or another. There it is.



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