Re: Buddy has more CD credits than Jim "Red"Corbett

from: A man not fromTX that accidently found this shit house.

god what a shit website. Sounds like the guy who runs this site is a big meth mouthed asshole. By his confession he is only 50 something and has no teeth. Then he rags on all these other people who work in the music profession that he feels do not meet his muster. I have looked everywhere and the only music talk about this guy his your own website. I was just toodlin around and found this. To Jim "Red" Corbett. If you read this site fuck this dude. Credit does'nt pay the bills. I think I know you and have met you and we have mutal friends. If your the same guy. You were on tour. This industry is very small and I am sure eventually we will speak or meet. I am going to talk to some friends and let them know to tell you to get intouch. Until then. This site is stupid and I feel like my IQ has fallen just clicking on it. I am going to have to go read a book and take a quiz just to get over this shit nest. As for Steve Cureton. I would not worry about this place either . I have never met you but I do now this. I was visiting Texas and saw John Prine. He spoke about how much he liked you on stage at this cool theatre in San Antonio about a year ago. So if John Prine speak of you in that manner you can't be all that bad. Talk to Mr. Corbett and when he gets intouch with me I would enjoy meeting you. Thats enough. From the looks of it you talk bad,cut down and theaten to kick the ass of anybody who goes against the grain of this Kurt Otto persons thought. Here is a tip, don't waste you time I will never be back here to read it. I mean this when I say this Good Bye!!!



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