you talk bad, cut down, and threaten to kick the ass of anybody who goes against the grain of this Kurt Otto person's thought

from: yes, and what's wrong with that?
05-02-07 ::: 00:57:55 ::: infomania

All I can say is:

You're goddamn right I do. What's your point? I'm not sure I follow you.

I love that part about how you just happened to be talking to John Prine the other day, and he said he liked Steve Cureton. Of course he did, and you think you know Jim "Red" Corbett, too, from being on tour somewhere, and you've talked to friends to be sure and relay your messages to get in touch with him, and then you'd like to meet this legendary Steve Cureton fella. Kind of a summit meeting of suck-up butt-kissing anti-popeye-x coxsuckers, eh??

Has anybody reading this ever seen a more half baked crock of shit than this post? This is one of them thar "gotcha" things, right? And he's never going to come back and read the reply. (rolling eyes and dying laughing)

I love the part about how the only place popeye-x is mentioned is this website! This is the only website that matters to popeye-x, you dumb shit! Not only is what you claim not true, the ONLY place you find these other assholes, or YOU, is this website. I'm supposed to be here, I have an excuse, you don't!

And naturally, this poster doesn't want to waste one more precious second of his life, reading this site, or posting anymore, which is the verbal volleyball equivalent of admitting, up front, you wouldn't last 2 seconds in a battle of wits. What's wrong motherfucker? Aren't you funny enough to to cut the mustard? Or are you just plain too CHICKENSHIIT?

The smell of Cureton in this post is overwhelming, its like the stink of some all too familiar filthy BEAST. It makes you ill, like taking a big, deep whiff off of some horse blanket you've smelled a thousand times....

To the post maker:

"PLEASE DON'T LEAVE... PLEASE SAY ITS NOT TRUE! YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE WITHOUT GIVING ME A CHANCE TO SAY "FUCK YOU", AND ALL THAT WONDERFULLY ENTERTAINING LINGUISTICAL SHIT.... its not fair! I feel cut off from being able to get back at this ace wordsmith... GODDAMMIT! Don't let Mugtoe see me like this, this is the first time I've ever been defeated online... he's trying to get his snap back... I don't want my demise to have an adverse effect on his snap..."



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