from: Dr. Muzi Paki,

Dr. Muzi Paki, Department Of Transport, South Africa, South African Government. Email: drmpaki@netscape.net. February, 2005. Greetings, I write to seek your cooperation as my foreign partner and your assistance to enable us to own Real Estate Properties and invest in the stable economy of your country. I apologize if this mail does not suit your personal or business ethics. We are making this venture proposal to you in strict confidence. As Senior civil servants in the South Africa Government, the South African civil service laws (Code of Conduct bureau) forbid us to own a foreign account. The money we have in our possession is an overdue payment bill totaling Twenty Six Million, Four Hundred and Twenty Six Thousand US Dollars (US$26,426,000.00) which we want to transfer abroad with the assistance and co-operation of a company/or an individual to receive the said funds, via a reliable Bank Account. If you will like to assist us as a partner, then indicate your interest after which we shall both discuss on the modalities. All other information to facilitate the remittance of the funds will be revealed to you in due course. For your assistance, you shall receive 30% amounting to US$7,927,800.00 of the US$26.426Million, 60% amounting to US$15,855,600 for us and 10% amounting to US$2,642,600 will be used to settle taxation and other miscellaneous expenses in the course of transferring the funds to your account. Please indicate your direct telephone and direct fax number when replying this business proposal Strictly through my alternative address: drmpaki@netscape.net, for security reasons. I will call you when necessary. If you are not interested, please also indicate so that it will enable me to contact other foreign partner with recommendations to carry out this deal. A swift acknowledgment on the receipt of this mail will be appreciated. God Bless, Dr. Muzi.



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