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From: the phone is ringin' off the wall
05-02-10 ::: 19:41:27 ::: infomania

This must be phone week, I've been talking to AnotherVictim, NeverForget, as well as Mister Mugtoe. Its good to have a whole new set of friends to change over to, my old set was getting a little too "white collar crime". Just a bunch of crooks and mindpuppets, waiting only to suck-butt on whoever is the most WORTHLESS, I like this new group a lot better. For one thing, there are girls, and I like girls, I don't care if they're "with" someone else, I can repsect that, I can only enslave one at a time anyway, and I definitely want to have LOTS of girls for friends so its par for the course that they be "with" somebody else because I don't need no friends that nobody else wants to be with. Recently I caught a whiff of bullshit love shenanigans type shit, I don't kno what really went on, all I know is this guy is obviously stupid in love with this girl, and she's calling me, telling me she can't "be" with a man right now, therefore me and her should gp to some movie about some dyke sounding thing, I don't even know what it was, but here's the deal. I don't DATE. I FUCK. You got that? If you're thinking about somebody to wine you, dine you, keep you entertained, and maintain your buzz sufficiently to get in your pants, you're thinking about somebody else, but it damn sure ain't me. And I don't go to ANY goddamn movies with no women unless they're buying AND I HAVE TIME, which I don't normally have at all. Now, all this is subject to change, but you better be one fine woman that's all I can say, and by that I don't mean bottom of the barrel nonsense. I don't give a FUCK about other men, ok? Nothing I do revolves around some other man, in any way shape or form, especially in relation to going to a friggin' movie with some girl. FUCK THAT SHIT. I didn't even bother to turn her down, I won't even answer a question if I think lovey-dovey bullshit is behind it. All I need is some new blue jeans, and a shovel to clean up my house with.



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