I can admit when i'm wrong

from: T

And I was very wrong about Steve. He is a hateful person. Itís been a week to the day. He decided to throw me on the ground stomp on me and kick me over and over again then drag me into to hi living room and kick me some more. I called the police. They have pictures of the bruises. And when I walk, sit; lay down my ribs still hurt. He never said I'm sorry or tried to find out if I was ok. I'm sure he did not care. In his mind he feels that what he did was ok. That I some how I deserved it and he is the victim. I hope any one that he dates in the future reads this post, and use this as a warning. He has done this to god only knows how many women. I hope at some point he gets the help he needs but he probably wont heís been like this for over 20 years. He thinks he is so good to everyone. He actually told the police that heís from the 60's he would never do that to someone he loves. I guess he never loved me then. It is so sad he is going to be alone I just canít see anyone putting up with him for very long. Most women would probably not even go on a second date with him just because he talks too much. Not to mention the suicide threats. About 10 years ago is when I met him and he asked me out my instinct told me no way I should have stayed with that answer. I'm still young and not bad looking I know some day the right person will find me. And if not oh well I was an only child being alone isnít a big deal.



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