Re: I can admit when i'm wrong

from: You were only wrong to think he's nice

You were wrong to think Steven Earl Cureton is nice. You were wrong to think he is a pleasant fellow. You were wrong to think that he loves you or cares about you. You were wrong to think he gives a shit about anybody but himself. You were wrong to think he would ever change. You were wrong to think he would be remorseful for kicking the shit out of you. You were wrong to think he would ever apologize for what he did to you. All that said, please know you were not the first, and you won't be the last. Your name goes at the end of a long list of women that were abused at the hands of this asshole. He didn't love or care about any of them. How do I know? Because men who truly care about their women never treat them badly. They don't stomp or kick the woman they love. Even though he's not a "man", in the true sense, he is not exempt from this statement. He's a user, an abuser, an out of control drunk who lives in denial. Everything is somebody else's fault. Never mind that he has a long history of the same shit happening over and over. You would think, after 20 years of repeating the scenerio over and over with the same results, that a light bulb would go on, and he would realize that he is a loser and the root of the problem lies in the mirror. Unfortunately, that will never happen because COWARDLY DRUNKS live in DENIAL. Cureton is a hopeless, pathetic LOSER that will never be anybody. His reputation is well known. Everyone KNOWS he's a worthless drunk. Think about it. YOU knew 10 years ago, and the red flags were up way back then, but you took a chance and it backfired big time. Don't worry...his day is coming. His liver is rotting from drugs and alcohol. It's turning into a putrid, rotting, necrotic mass of tissue that the maggots won't want. It will be what he deserves--a slow, painful agonizing death, like a slow torture with no escape, no relief and nowhere to turn.



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