For Newbies To
 Ableton LIVE 4
And Reaktor 4

From: popeye-x
05-02-14 ::: 01:21:10 ::: infomania

I want to encourage any newbies out there to not be intimidated by these fancy pants music creating programs. Yes, they are geared for "musicians" to use, but they are also geared to unloosen the chains of conceptual definitions of who is allowed to make noise and who isn't. Don't let presets stop you from doing ANYTHING you wanna do! You don't need anyone's permission or qualifications to deserve to make whatever music you make.

By the same token, suppose you LIKE using some program with a less macho reputation than Reaktor? USE IT. Fuck Reaktor. Its for the real sickos like popeye-x, you can't expect the rest of the world to jump right on it. Even Will Alexander, The Greatest Of Them All, lets me do all the "possum work" you know, tearing the shit out of everything and trying to thread the pieces back together before its too late.

If Fruityloops is what you feel good about, fuck everybody, use Fruityloops, and use the fuck out of it. You should hear what my favorite guitarist Slayfoot has accomplished with ACID and Cool Edit Pro. I heard his shit and was so jealous I almost shit my longjohns over it! I made up for it by feeding it into my meat grinder immediately.

But SERIOUSLY, Mr. Slayfoot has developed his own system, using one shot drum samples, and an ACID grid, and he makes these drum patterns that are incredible. EVERYONE is blown away by them, especially the drummers, they all hail his beats. He says he pretends he's the drummer in Dream Theatre and just moves his legs and arms and makes these grid beats. Then he plays 7 string guitar and bass to those drum hits, and I ain't bullshitting, IT ROCKS LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER.

Aaron Meloccaro

The worst part about it is he says I TAUGHT HIM HOW TO DO IT! And I'm sitting here jealous of his shit! He even says I gave him tips on guitar when he was a little kid! Its a freakin' nightmare!

Now, not all of us can be like him, I certainly can't, but let him be an inspiration to those of us who might have different job titles than, "lead guitarist" or "drummer" whatever. Fuck lables, use the programs, whatever you're comfortable with, and just use it like a maniac, like Slayfoot!

That's all I'm doing with Reaktor,
and that's a fact.

Slayfoot is also known to many folks as Aaron Meloccaro



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