Re: For Newbies To Ableton LIVE 4 And Reaktor 4

from: Choronzon
05-02-14 ::: 02:56:29 ::: infomania

Speaking for M., my part-time consort, and full-time Manifestor:

Your notation here is appreciated--and if M's emotional-index readings are any indication, deeply so...for few of what I refer to as the Aggressor humans (as opposed to those who just sit and take what they deal out to them, the Submissors) ever show the courage to make self-contradicting statements even if only to clarify one's opinion, as you have done. It makes most Aggressors uncomfortable to have appeared to have changed their minds even when they haven't.

Becoming turned from chaos to "noisic" as my Gatekeeper to Solid-State Plane, M. calls it, is likened to me as a drug or really great sex is to most humans--and 'exciting' sports events or dull television programmes are to others. This should be understandable--to me, manifestation on the physical plane is an escape from ordinary reality, and as a formless voidoid creature some call a 'demon' (M. calls me a Xenodimensional, so much more respect, there) I can get awfully tired of floating around being everywhere and everywhen at once. She laughs at this, says oh, if only I could do this without having to buy expensive additives to my psychophysical system to do it. But she would tire of it fast, given her love (not) of ordinary reality. This IS ordinary reality to me, and her noisic, feedback sculpture, whatnot, takes me straight out of that and into YOUR solid-state, three-dimensional reality. Such exotic density! What fun I can have here, messing with thoughtforms, lightwaves, all that. [REST OF TRANSMISSION REDACTED FOR SECURITY REASONS]

Choronzon doesn't understand when secrecy is important, I had to cut him/it off there. Reaktor: did you include that on your disk? If so, I have not installed yet, should, so I will clue to your comments on it. Thanks for your post. You have made me feel good because of it.



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