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it ain't even the fucking government that's the PROBLEM, that's the part it's so easy to forget. the 'left' and 'right' are mostly delusional systems set up to keep *interesting, distracting conflicts* going - during which they rob you while you watch. (linebreak) the whole culture war religion vs. hedonism, war vs. peace thing is a fucking roman CIRCUS. people watch the blood and torture and go home and marvel how cozy it is to not be in iraq but to be in beautiful AMUURIKA even though they work 6 days a week, 10 hours a day and have no money or energy left to do anything but watch tv instruct them to go buy more stuff, all fronted to them by their bank, who will own them for the rest of their non-retirement-allowing lives. it doesn't matter, since it's not being caught in a plane beelining for a skyscraper. all the values talk is bullshit to calm the guilt center that reacts to stuff that they realize they are helping to do by supporting it. and three out of four so called progressives still buy corporate even though they know what's up just because they've been convenience addicts for years, "this one little thing i buy won't matter, and it's the brand i like, or the supermarket's five minutes closer than the local store and they have a discount". and then go home and freak out about how fascist we are getting. but at least they're at home eating their corporate food not at guantanamo, so who cares? (linebreak)(linebreak) it's like the old bus trick...big deal fighting, a scary confrontation and imminent possibility of VIOLENCE to rivet us so we don't notice the HEIST. (linebreak)(linebreak) maybe this is a frisco thing - maybe it happens elsewhere. it's 4am and you're on a bus all alone, and four dudes get on, sit down next to you, all gangsta-thug-dudded, with surly faces. then two of them start arguing real loud, escalating volume and cuss ratio for every intersection passed, bus driver's sweating...then one of the two pulls out a knife, the driver's calling the cops. the THIRD toughass guy is trying to break up the fight and calm these assholes down before someone gets killed. (linebreak)and you're either scared shitless, or maybe just annoyed, but it doesn't matter which, because these dudes are a TEAM and they HAVE YOUR ATTENTION. which is exactly what they want: you wondering when the cops will get here nervously watching this fuckhead wave his switchblade inches from your cheekbone...because with all that fear and LOUD NOISE, back and forthing, mixed with the GUT SUSPENSE of just wondering if there will be a murder, or if the guy trying to stop it will succeed - and if not, that these assholes won't be the only ones who ends up with their faces lacerated...while you're busy parsing all THAT, this is when the FOURTH dude comes in, who's been so quiet you didn't even notice him but he's the one calmly pulling your wallet from your pants pocket. you MIGHT not even notice if you DO feel it happen--you're still too scared to fucking move ANYWAY. (linebreak)(linebreak) they all file off the bus before the cops come. what can the driver do? say three or four [insert racial epithet]s were having at it back there, and you realize your wallet is missing, tell the cops, who nod, note it, and leave, and there wen't seven days of your life measured in dollars, being converted to crack rock by four guys who looked to ALL have ISSUES with each other. issues indeed. they got their issue. every time warner magazine they sell to explain to americans why their kids have to kill other kids in places so far off that it's nighttime while we see daylight, but killing an unborn zygote is evil. explain why more spreading democracy and less government spending is the way to go while doing exactlty what those bad evil antiamerican 'democratic' party guys are supposed to be doing. (linebreak)(linebreak) (forgive me, but i must be real, they are part of the whole scam, excepting one or two individuals - maybe half of the time. this is, after all, the DUMBASS party - and i - as liberal as the sun is hot - hold the opposition party gets what we deserves until it either becomes a real opposition, splits up, joins the greens and libertarians, hashes out and compromises enough to build the PROGRESSIVE party,or at VERY least change the fucking mascot to anything besides a god damn ASS DONKEY. i mean really, that is...bad, bad public fucking relations. and if that bastard rove teaches me anything it's all about p.r. in politics. period. ) (linebreak)(linebreak) WEAPONS OF MASS DISTRACTION starring a bunch of guys pretending to be fighting over important shit but really just fighting over how to divvy up YOUR MONEY a bunch of happy guys who put on a fight so phoney the fucking WWF should buy the whole crowd out, blues and reds alike. (linebreak)(linebreak) rated FC for FUCKED COUNTRY(linebreak) all ages admitted to hell



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