Re: I'm too busy kissing monde's ass


dude, he's the one who started the wars, not bush. he is your president. he has been in love with war, dominance and triggerpull diplomacy since he was fifteen fucking years old. the guy's obsessed. there's no precedent for his kind in american history. he owns george w. bush. he trained him to 'be presidential' enough, trained him how to steal an election and get away with it, trained him it was okay to wear horns and a halo and (this is the sick part, for me) NEVER ADMIT THAT HE DOES wear both horns and a halo. without karl christian rove, born 25 december 1950 (giving me yet another reason to hate christmas) bush would be sitting in crawford massaging his steers or riding his horsies or sitting on a blow-up hoppity-hop thing sucking a blow-pop listening to the baseball game on the radio. rove knew he had to get bush into the white house because he knew his family from having worked for his dad, knew about his son and how to work him. (linebreak) so we have a campaign manager who not only does not go away after the election's won, but lives in the god dam white house west fucking WING. the guy is the president. why they don't just get it over with and admit it already stumps me, like we could do anything about it? unfortunately, rove is a genius. he knows politics like you know reaktor. the only problem is he HATES hippies, or anything marginally approaching anything in common with one, since they traumatized him in his youth the way his type traumatized me in mine, and he had outcast conservative friends the way i had outcast liberal ones...and likely owing to some sex hang up he put all that energy into TAKING PEOPLE'S MONEY and DAMAGING THEIR LIVES for good. it was never enough to simply be a consultant whose candidate wins. his opponent had to lose more than the election, he or she had to lose all hope of ever having a public voice or even a job. he has more hate in him than you do. and carte blanche to do whatever he wishes. whatever it costs, with bush takiing the fall if a fall is taken, since he, officially speaking DOES NOT EVEN HOLD PUBLIC OFFICE. and yet, he is the most powerful man on earth. it boggles the mind. (linebreak) i am not exaggerating any of this. you will not hear about it on TV, he's made sure of THAT.



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