what I would really like to know

monde is not the only girl I love
who really believes that theory
05-02-25 ::: 17:43:22 ::: infomania

it was devastating to me, because I really had a feeling in my heart for this affectionate female, but she got dumped like a rancid sack of camel dung when she referred to American carpet bombing as being MORE COWARDLY than kidnapping terrorists. that's when I knew we were not meant to hang out together anymore.

I asked her if we could talk about something else, and she LAUGHED in my face, like I couldn't stand the heat. the truth is, I couldn't stand the idiocy.

She too had this idea that George W Bush MURDERED 3,000 Americans so he'd have an "excuse" to steal oil. Oh, yeah, ALL crooked presidents crash planes into the Pentagon, so they can go on the news and not have liberals tripping them up with super intelligent questions about "the big plot".

What I'd like to know is this: How do you explain that 19 Saudi Arabians willingly went to their deaths for George W Bush's "secret masterplan" for world domination?

Is he really that tricky?

These Islamic terrorists supposedly HATED Bush and everything he stands for, yet they sacrificed their lives so his "excuse to go to war" would seem plausible to us STUPID AMERICANS. Nineteen Arab militant fanatics spending YEARS in preparation, before GW Bush was even elected, ready and willing to DIE for Bush's propaganda deception. Excuse me, weren't they AGAINST Bush?

I don't think I've ever heard of anyone giving their lives for the greater good of something they were OPPOSED to. And the allegation that Bush would MURDER over 3,000 Americans to start a war is even more ludicrous. Why murder 3,000 Americans to start a war when you can murder 3,000 Iraqis instead? Just to have a good "excuse" on the evening news if confronted by a Dukakis campaign employee?

I thought Dukakis LOST the election because he was from the same state as Ted Kennedy, and his mind controlling cocaine puppeteer friends actually got confused by dimpled chads and pierced Nipplerings. I even read The Final Psychosis, also known as "popeye-x's Mein Kampf For Dummies, Democrats, and Dorky Decapitaion DVD's".

It looks to me like this Kurt Otto person is obsessed with the Dixie Donkey Ladies and their understandable shame that George W Bush is from Texas, instead of a more compassionate and politically savvy country like Great Britain, you know what I'm saying,

Obviously Tony Blair has wanted to force his way into Gerry And The Pacemakers from the very beginning, the way he pandered to Karl Rove by inserting the ADATlogs used by Freddie and the Dreamers on Maggie Thatcher's used Kotex bin was shameful, did it ever occur to him that maybe recycling a crusted out, moldy mass of cottonfibers, absolutely saturated with fist-sized bloodclots might be just the ticket to explain why the Iron Lady took such ENORMOUS shits after a hearty meal of CornNuts, Slim Jims, and Walker's Prawn Crisps?

sort of like Lay's Potato Chips, but with more lobster scrotums

Kind of a low budget attempt to imitate the Fried Pork Rinds of North Amerikkka, which everybody knows started out at Mardi Gras, i. e. Fat Tuesday, as an "excuse" to sell "niggermeat fishsticks" to Kennedy Klux Klan insurgents on Black Friday, the holiest day on the Islamic calendar, except for Ramabomb, of course.

That's why its no surprise to this author that Dimebag Darrell shot himself in the head 5 times onstage, just to make Natalie Maines look like a coke whore on Good Morning Nazi Amerikkka, and also so Pantera would have an excuse to release a 10 CD boxed set Retrospective of Megadeth cover songs... classics like, "I Collapsed The Big Blue Vein On My Penis By Mainlining Tainted Heroin I Bought From The Mugtoe Connection" and the chart topping block buster "Blood Blister On My Dick... So What? My Balls Are Pincushions"

Anybody who knows anything about geopolitical conspiracy theories can see right thru popeye-x's lame attempt to implicate Steven Earl Cureton in a $200 per day "Cocaine Extravaganza" hosted by Bexar Nekkid Taylor and the San Antonio Coxsucker Society. $800 going up your nose every two weeks is a drop in the bucket, you should see the the undigested plastic baggies in Wanda Seals' stool specimens!

And while we're on the subject, I hope you don't expect this author to fall for the old "too many undigested peanuts in your MegaTurd for that to look like a REAL PAYDAY candy bar" trick! HAHA!

The rest of the bogus posts, 637 in all, were very easy to decipher from that point on. Obviously, T's six year old child, "Little T", has been emailing derogatory comments to the Bexar Nekkid Curetoniapalooza Tour website.

That was really disgusting posting those nude photos of a slobber dripping drunken Estaban, sitting on the john, beating his flaccid skin-flap weenie into a blood engorged Bodine Sausage with the words, "I Wanna Be Just Like Popeye-X" written on the side with a Sharpie pen. Uh huh... SURE. Its so obvious to this author that was a photoshop-ed .jpg by popeye-x, trying his best to make Mr. Cureton "look bad" in front of his sexy EX-girlfriend.

Its not going to work, Mr. Show Yer Dick On The Internet As An Annoying Pop-Up Popeye-X, you are so pathetic, you seem like a homeless bum with an ounce of ICE stuffed in your pants, trying to pass yourself off as some kind of codpiece-megahunk like Mike Talyor's "Renovations In Progress" website, I'm sure you've all seen it.

It that disgusting html homage to how much purple plum oysture tick Vienna Sausage EGG-KNOB Mikey Taylor can stuff in Wanda Seals' nostril before she busts a nut down Steven Earl Cureton's cancer encrusted larynx. Uh huh.... SURE!

Like anyone really believes Esteban would allow Wanda to post a .jpg on the Third Coast Music Network Yahoo e-group, showing a humongus blob of Bob Cox's freshly spewed spunk, dripping off of Cureton's chin into Mike Taylor's open mouth.

And those ORANGE BABOON TESTICLES photoshop-ed to hang from Stevie Cureton's earlobes, ostensibly to show of his "gay side" don't fool us one bit. EVERYBODY knows Esteban's not really gay, he's only Bobbin' For Cox in that animated .gif for "promotional reasons", kind of a pep rally for local talent.

The java script animation of Henry Perez at the Gunter Hotel, taking a GIANT Corn-Nut encrushed SHIT straight down into Esteban's openly suck-u-lating "lips" is obviously a fake.

Cureton would never "eat shit" just to seem famous in front of Jim Beal, Jr. and Rev. Butch Morgan..... but if he did, he'd use his customary "CHEERS and a MEGA-DUMP on the Casbeers Queer" salutation, with the trademark .jpg of him wiping his ass with a flour tortilla, and then BOLDLY GOING WHERE NO LABEL HAS GONE BEFORE, and shamelessly scarfing down said tortilla with a sickening smile and a wink.

ANYBODY KNOWS, Steven Earl Cureton always wipes the dung out of Henry Perez' dirty blue jeans with a CORN TORTILLA!!!!. haha, GOTCHA!!!!



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