Anyone can take down
their own website

from: The Lamer Terminator
05-02-27 ::: 12:37:05 :::

I have been informed by my overseas
operatives that a certain FAT-ASS BITCH

no, I'm not talking about THIS one, I'm talking about THAT one,
and when I say
"BITCH", please do not assume I mean FEMALE, ok?

...but, as I was saying before I was so RUDELY
answered in my own "PUBLIC FORUM",

anybody can email a link, even I can do that, it doesn't
take any brains or money, all one needs is a link that's ACTUALLY ONLINE

...anyway, as I was TRYING to seriously post, I have the grim duty
to inform all the popeye-x social climbing drug puppets...

sniff... (HEY that's TEARS, not a LINE)

where was I?

thank God for automatic post completion
features in IE 6 Spyware mp3 DJ Deluxe Pro!

what am I trying to say?

POJ heard one of my LOOOOOONG intros
on the phone and said, "This better be good..."

Its good. REAL GOOD, but I gotta get there...
Can we pause first, and talk about Karl Rove some more?

the silence is not only deafening, its rambling... how Curetonesque!

OK, goddamnit, I'm gonna come right out and SAY IT!

GODAMMNIT!!! That's another one of them thar "GOTCHA"
things! The Coxsuckers made my post be a liar AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll get my revenge, this I swear on a STACK of Steven Earl Cureton
used corn tortillas! I'm fuckin' FURIOUS!!! Where's my
Pantera doing Megadeth covers boxed set?

I'm making a movie of me at the psychiatrist's office
explaining why that hot chick he's been chasing after
LIVED WITH ME FOR 6 1/2 YEARS! "She lived with you?"
And I'm going to HIM to try and restore my "sanity"?

FUCK THAT SHIT, I'm stickin' to what I know...
NeverForget posts! Yeah... THAT'S my girl!!!

here's THE dude

(popeye-x really does burst into tears at this point)



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