Ok, I apologize, you're right

from: smarter than a fool

I hear what you're saying, you remind me of my dad, when he told me Jimi Hendrix "does it for the money". Also, I just read a thing by Zakk Wylde, and popeye-x LOVES that motherfucker. Gotta love Mr. Zakk. He's so fucking smart, and I couldn't tell at first, because he's so wasted, I just assumed he was Cureton, but I was SO WRONG. What I read was what Zakk Wylde told James Hetfield, to his face, about spending 40 grand a month on the Metallica Therapist, when he could be giving that money to a children's cancer fund! Zakk, you are BEAUTIFUL!!!! You are my new hero, and the fact that Dimebag loved you so much seals it. I stand corrected on about 14 major points, and they all focus into one promary issue: What the fuck am I going to do TODAY? What else? Talk to the police, some more. I don't want them to write me off as some wack-ass babbling idiot, like a certain unnamed person who has been banned from this board. I am so lucky to have friends who turn "the truth light" back in my face and let me taste the glare of the photons. They taste good! Like jalapenos, in a lot of ways. At first they hurt, babies cannot handle it. But when you're a mean ol' geezer who LOVES babies just because they're so honest, there's nothing quite like a meal of jalapenos and one beer to wash it down. And this is from a guy who doesn't drink at all, and hasn't in 19 years! Except for ONE TIME, when all there was in the ice box was ONE JALAPENO and ONE BEER, and no coins in the pocket. So, I apologize to the social climbing asskissing drug puppets and high road mongers, and I'll even throw in WHINING, bleeding heart liberals who cannot shut the fuck up. Am I really any different than them? Hell no. ONLY the TRUTH makes you right.



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