Today is Feb 28, A Sad Day
In Popeye-X History

cowskull background painting by Barry Littleton

from: saltwater dripping
05-02-28 ::: 04:42:41 ::: infomania

16 years ago today, I awoke from a short nap and saw that my old friend Barry Littleton was dead. It was so fucked up, and I was so GLAD he was no longer suffering. Oh, Barry, we miss you SO MUCH! If we ever needed you, we need you now. Oh, God help me, I don't know if I can take it. And I know this is nothing compared to the passing of Brian Autrey, Stash's first son. I almost feel ashamed of myself for grieving, I don't even know the meaning of the word. (popeye-x tries to get a grip) HERE'S BARRY, onstage at Villa Fontana, Hemisfair, 1975 or '76, doing what he did best. That Fender Vibrolux amp (bought from Phil Arroyo, his Pablo's Grove amp, the "BROWNSVILLE Special" )behind the manniquin's hand is sitting in my living room, I found it in Barry's yard, 4 years after he died, filled with fire ants and showing signs of termite infestation.

POSTSCRIPT: I remember when Barry died, Mike Taylor didn't seem to even notice. I should have taken a PROPHETIC NIGHTMARE style look at that son-of-a-bitch right then. Today is a spooky day. This is also the anniversary of the day I lowered the truth boom on a certain LYING BITCH in 1991, with results that rival BLACK MAGIC. This is a Holy Day, a holiday. I'm going to get high as a motherfucker, and celebrate life by elaborating all of Mr. Mike "White Collar Criminal" Taylor's usage of other people's info in a police report. That in and of itself won't do anything, I'm learning this game one step at a time. But just like a little post on this board ended up welcoming TWO Cureton EX-girlfriends into the fold, a tiny little police report is a solid foundation to get a foothold of TRUTH for the even more daring task of telling the IRS who's been using who's SS# when reporting income. UH HUH, Popeye-X knows WAY TOO MUCH, and you are FUCKED if you think he's gonna let it pass.



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