The Fourth Nail

from: hammer of the gods
05-02-28 ::: 06:35:34 :::

There are 3 big time monotheistic religions, all with One God, I think its high time I announced the 4th.

First I need to point out a few things. Jesus was crucified with 3 nails.

Second, the instruments in the orchestra have fallen into 3 main groups since antiquity. This blew my mind, I never realized how LIMITED musical resources are. A vibrating string, a vibrating membrane (including rods and bars), and the ORIGINAL, a vibrating column of air. In the 20th century for the first time there developed a 4th group, ELECTRONIC.

Third, the time for a 4th nail is ripe. I notice the Torah, the Bible, and the Koran all remind me of the monolith in 2001: A Space Odessey (omg, the real 2001 was so different! please shoot me, I don't wanna know this) Fortunately, there is something even MORE monothistic than Allah, Jesus, and Yahweh combined.

To tell you the truth, I'm too paranoid to even say the name. Its too dangerous.

Hint: its MONOTHEISTIC....

Waiting for you to get it... you know.... like when I say "bobby" to chuckwagon? I know Beaker understands what I'm sayin'... ONE GOD? does that ring any bells? it seems to ring the bell on my phone quite a bit... PPX waits for everyone to "get it"... Remember Tommy Hall? On the cover of Easter Everywhere? He's saying "shhhh". Exactly like Miles. What does it take, Thor to come hit me over te head with his Hammer? Back then, hammers made SWORDS. They beat the shit out of them because it was discovered this hammering hardened the blades considerably, especially using FIRE. That was head severing POWER.

That's called a prophetic word of knowledge and its commonplace in the 4th Nail. Have you ever had the sensation that a huge nail, at least nine inches long, sticking thru your head, from the nostril to the back of your cerebellum? That's the 4th Nail, brothers and sisters. If Butch Morgan can be a preacher, then Popeye-X can be a Pope. Dr. PIUS X. That's been used before, I think, right? You history folks can fill me in.

Did anybody else realize both Stash and Mugtoe are history scholars? I'll never look anything up again, why bother? Just ask them. They've already been there. And I notice BOTH of them have a disciple's focus on what this post is all about.

Its a point in history. Some call it NOW. Some call it ALWAYS. Some call it NeverForget. Sometimes that call is FROM NeverForget. See? It all fits.

That's the 4th Nail kickin' in, and its not even here... physically.

The monolith is always present in the background. Like when the prehistoric caveman throws a bone up in the air, and it fades into a bone shaped station with a malignant computer that's a murderer. That was the movie. My version is: 2001: A Coxsucker Odessey.

That's the 4th Nail kickin' in, and its not even here... physically.

Murdering computer. Get it? Space Station? Try Funky Trailer Whitetrash.



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