All is well, go back to sleep

from: so proud I could just shit

This is the life, ain't it? I'm so much happier now, and proud to be a Conservative. I used to lie awake nights worrying that multimillionaires weren't getting enough money. Now with the tax cuts they just got, I'm contented that they're a little happier, and that suits me just fine. I used to be concerned with all that extra money the government had (the surplus). I wasn't afraid they were going to piss it away, I was actually afraid they WEREN'T going to. Let me tell you, now that they've thrown fucking trillions of bucks into that big money-hole in the middle east - because Saddam was a BAD MAN who had weapons of mass destruc... oh, he didn't? Shit! Well, I think it's worth 1,500 American soldiers' lives because Saddam was a BAD MAN who was all tied up with them Al Queda fellers and knocked down the world trade cente... oh, he didn't? What the hell is a "secular government" anywho? It's not like ours, I'll tell you that. Hell, I'm a Conservative, tell you what; I think it's worth 1,500 American soldiers getting blown to bits because Saddam was a BAD MAN who lied to UN Inspectors about having got rid of weapons that he actually got rid of. It was some kinda brain-game he was playing. Look, if he knew that by telling the UN boys that he'd got rid of 'em, they'd naturally think he hadn't, so when he released the 30,000 documents about how he'd got rid of them, less than 24 hours later we told the world it was a bunch of lies, because HE WAS A BAD MAN! And next thing you know we're sending our boys over there to get blown up to prove how much Jesus loves 'em! Jesus, people are so stupid! Speaking of, since I'm a Conservative, I just love having Bible-thumpers representing me. I don't care how whacked-out they are, they're Conservatives, too, so what if they want to have everybody who says "poop" put in prison and think they got here without their parents having ever fucked. Fuckin' LIBERALS deserve to be bitch-smacked back to Africa, as far as I'm concerned. If they had their way there'd still be mountains of money in the government coffers and at least 5,000 American teenage soldiers who would still have all their limbs and/or not be dead. Because Saddam was a BAD MAN, dammit. Honey, put on the 700 Club. Pat Robertson's saying a special prayer for our boys overseas. I don't wanna miss that. Then get me another beer.



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