All is sick, so
shut the fuck up?

From: popeye-x
05-02-28 ::: 20:12:11 ::: infomania

17,000 Americans dead from drunk drivers in one year. A drop in the bucket compared to 400,000+ Americans dead in one year from smoking tobacco. Take ALL the "bad"drug deaths, add them to ALL the alcohol related deaths, add all of that to ALL the war related deaths...on BOTH sides.... add to that all the homicides, suicides, and just plain on the wrong sides.... what's the total? LESS than 1/4 of yearly deaths by tobacco smoke.

Do you smoke tobacco? If so, you have no right to bitch about lesser problems. If you must bitch anyway, then either you spead your bitching out proportionately, and you MUST bitch about cigarette smoking THE MOST, even if you do it, or else you must

Anybody like this concept? Probably the smallest minority that you could find.

What the fuck is the answer? Jesus? Social Security? Mind Control? Entertainment? or how about Getting Totally, Royally, And Utterly WASTED? As cheap as possible, so it never runs out. Then a little something to perk it back up, for endurance, and make it cheap as possible, so it never runs out. So by describing the solution I have just restated the fucking problem.

Is there an answer?

Its endless. It only gets worse because there is constantly NEW SHIT available that fucks you up. We could always just accept our misery and go to our deaths gratefully when a "superior" culture decides to wipe us out. Nobody seems to like that idea. "Please kill me! I'm too chickenshit to kill myself FAST ENOUGH!"

Is there ANY conceivable system or pattern that can possibly accomodate all these STUPID ideas, and somehow distribute the fucked up-ness equally amongst the participants? It may not solve ANYTHING, but at least we can say "Its the best we can do under the circumstances we're stuck with."

I would like to submit the earth shattering bold new concept that there IS such a "pattern" we can cling to, at least until we get to the next level or go extinct. This pattern has two main components, without either one, the system breaks down, so it is "obbligato" that one be present with the other, and vice versa, AT ALL TIMES, or the "guarantee" I am suggesting is not at fault.

Are we agreed so far? To
paraphrase the

"Ok, all you who disagree
raise yo' miserable hands...
hmm, looks like yo' potato
been baking toooo long!"

All the rest of you pay very close attention to the next two "ideas", because this is THE ONLY POSSIBLE ANSWER. The lifestyle would have to be "freedom", also known as "liberty", and the guideline would have to be "truth", also known as "all kinds of horseshit".

That's the ONLY thing that MIGHT work. Anything less won't work. Either that's what we agree about, or its not, but either way, I am TELLING EVERYBODY RIGHT NOW "freedom" and "truth" is our only hope. These are not EASY things to get right. Truth is the measuring device, and Freedom is the chance to get it right.

And THAT is a fucking FACT, take it or leave it, it will STILL be the only answer tomorrow, if there is a tomorrow. If there isn't a tomorrow, it won't matter, but IT WILL STILL BE A MOTHERFUCKING FACT. It has to. LIES and SLAVERY are just as unacceptible as cold blooded murder.

Is there ANYONE reading this who disagrees with popeye-x at this point? If so, DO NOT POST A REPLY. I don't give a FUCK what you think, say, or do, LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!! Or I will "pull your motherfucking card", that means, "you won't exist in THIS galaxy", and I do mean exactly what I say.

"Roll with it, or get rolled over by it."

- Dimebag Darrell



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