YOU SAW IT, and you know ITS REAL

from: reality wins in the end

what's wrong? did the truth put a kink in your bullshit fantasy? you're goddamn right I helped you out, and in return all I got was disrespect. but you didn't go away, did you? aw, too bad, because now you have been SHITCANNED. that's because you are so full of it, there's no place else to put you. bye........... wait, how come you aren't offended by what this bag of shit has around his waist? that's not a Batman belt, full of Bat-Devices to fight crime. how do you think it looks when one of these motherfuckers blows himself into hemoglobin puddin'? what about the people around him, his TARGETS? how do you think they look after he's accomplished his goal? you DON'T CARE at all. as long as you don't have to SEE IT, you can wipe it right out of your mind, while INSISTING that everyone else do the same. we don't want to wipe it out. for one thing, we LIKE it. but even if we didn't, we still need to know about it because ITS REAL. and again, you DON'T CARE at all. you talk like you're an expert about it, and the second you see somebody doing something about it, you run away offended and grossed out, not because anyone harmed you, but simply because you CAN'T FACE REALITY. you refuse. you're "above" it. think about THIS: the reason these murdering bastards even think this is going to work is because NOBODY HAS EVER DONE ANYTHING ABOUT IT. they just look the other way, and say whatever they have to say to avoid it at all costs. so it is precisely because of people like YOU this shit is even happening in the first place. its not Bush's fault, its YOUR fault. why should that guy's head blown into chunks bother you? only because YOU SAW IT, and you know ITS REAL. if that's too much for you to SEE, then I can't for the life of me imagine how you could possibly be an EXPERT about whether its right or wrong. you could be an expert about KNOWING NOTHING AT ALL, but still running your mouth, but that's all. you simply must know what you're talking about, or else you should SHUT THE FUCK UP. which you didn't do, even thought you said it was finished. so in addition to being FULL OF SHIT, you are also A LIAR. are you sure you don't wanna hang around and ramble about Karl Rove some more? of course you do... you're the cognitive dissident. wait a second... cognitive... what does that mean? fancy word, I think what you're saying is you can THINK BETTER than I can, right? that's a good one. I won't even go there.



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