The Cognitive Dissident Gets SHITCANNED

From: it can only get so full, then it must be flushed
05-02-28 ::: 22:49:02 ::: infomania

I have only just now read the peace creep's reply to One Less Suicide Bomber In Iraq. click NEXT read her reply, click NEXT again, read my reply.

Actually, I was much more interested in a reply to The Silence From The Anti-War Camp Is Deafening but I said SILENCE, didn't I? So be it.

Since that time, 5 or 6 days ago, this rambling, whining, inconsiderate BITCH must have posted 20 times, plus I've gotten emails on the side. Can you imagine how sick I must be of this goddamn bullshit? You can't even follow the continuity of the table of contents because its constantly derailed by "The Cognitive Dissident".

Somewhere she said I should shut up and enlist. I'd love nothing better than to go kill some assholes. They don't want me over there. Ok with me. They know what they're doing.

But what's this "shut up" shit? She replied, well I only meant you should "do something about it". I said, "I did DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, I voted for Bush!" If there's something else I can do, tell me what it is! I'll do it! No problem there. She's so morally superior and cognitively more coherent, she can't even stay on her own train of thought to get from one sentence to the next. That's ok, I quit reading them anyway.

Then I notice, this BIYATCH has just resorted to raw rudeness, without any attempt to make sense, she's lapsed into the equivalent of "verbal violence", just blatant disrespectfulness. What's THAT all about? I don't agree with her. So what? Therefore I'm no longer worthy of human dignity? She's treating me like I'm sub-human now, not worthy of politeness. I've violated her RULES about disagreement, which I never agreed to follow at all, and she has taken it upon herself to assert a little dehumanization upon me, against my will, whether I like it or not, because I'm "bad". And why am I "bad"? Because I disagree with her!

Ok, only two problems do I see with that, but they are BIG.

First of all, I'M RIGHT, so I shouldn't agree because SHE'S WRONG. Truth matters.

Second, I have the "right to be wrong" if I want to, just like she does, or anybody else does, but that wouldn't make me RIGHT, would it?

No, I'd be wrong, but no one would be obligated to say or think I was right. She thinks SHE'S right, and since she's morally and cognitively superior to me, she can be RUDE and dehumanize me all she wants to, because... because why? There is no reason... its just because SHE'S A BITCH AND WON'T SHUT UP.

That ain't gonna fly, not in here. No, you're either right, or you're wrong, but being a bitch doesn't make you automatically right, nor does it entitle you to abuse your fellow human beings, the ones you are so compassionate about, the humanity you want so sincerely to live in peace with. You don't get to cause a war by insisting on peace.

That's hypocrisy. And hypocrisy is by definition WRONG. And when you are WRONG, you are not RIGHT. Therefore, you have no right, or even a reason, to be rude.

Except one: You're wrong, you know you're wrong, but you refuse to admit you're wrong, because your ego is OUT OF CONTROL. You think you're better than everyone else, and everyone else should think, talk, and act the way you have specified, and that's SLAVERY, and nobody is gonna go for that. That's politically incorrect.

She doesn't care, you will do exactly what she says you will do, or else she's going to throw an absolute shit slingin' fit!

Hey, it works at her house, maybe it will work at my house, right? Let's just say, its a pattern of aggression that she's used to enough to where she'll use it as a matter of course, like its business as usual for her. Well, its not business, and its not usual, its horse poo poo and NOBODY but a pussy whipped gutless yellow spined wus would put up with it. So now we know what she's used to, but we ain't used to it like her boyfriend is, catch my drift?

My next post will be the actual flushing mechanism I sent by private email, but since she so rudely responded with 3 long winded piles of shit, which I didn't read one word of, I'm going post the verbal dismantling I gave her as I hit the flush handle.

I'm doing it for LAUGHS now, you understand. I'm pretty funny when I'm pissed off. Well, I LAUGHED, that's close enough for me.



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