The CHUG Goes On

from: hell no, I ain't thru yet

There's MORE. Today, er, yesterday, I heard that Wanda Seals, the former big cheese president of The San Antonio Blues Society has LEFT San Antonio and now lives in Houston, in some home for hopelessly fat women. In other words, Mike Taylor's sister. Now you must understand, one thing my friend Barry Littleton used to make fun of quite a bit was Mike Taylor's sister. He always used to say, "She looks like the trumpet player from Monsanto!", a band who used to play in SA back in the early 70's. Of course the trumpet player was a guy, a "large" Mexican dude. I'm not saying Barry was accurate on the exact horn player he was talking about, so don't send me a reply, "Hey, I knew the trumpet player from Monsanto, Hector Chingadero, and he was skinny and real pretty!" Barry Littleton was very abstract in his humorous asides, he went for "blurry reinterpretation" more than stone cold accuracy. On the other hand, I never looked at Monsanto for more than 2 seconds, so I have no idea what they PRECISELY looked like, I only know what they generally looked like. Its very similar to the joke I always told when my and Chuck and Veronica used to go eat at Los Potosinos, down the street from Albert Garcias house. There was this one picture of a band of Mexicans, good looking dudes, and the photo said GRACIAS. I looked at it, and being gringo and only a block from Albert's house, I said, "Hey, The Garcias, Albert looks pretty cool!" Then I'd squint, and act like I was looking at each guy, then I'd ask Chuck or Veronica, "Which one is Albert?" I must have said this same fucking "joke" 18 million times, EVERY FUCKING TIME we went there, I'd say that. After a while, Veronica says, "That doesn't say GARCIAS, it says GRACIAS." I'd kind of krinkle my eyebrows and act like I'm looking at it again... then I'd say, "What are you talking about?" And this would always make Chuck laugh, so I guess I just had to keep doing it. same thing with Mike Taylor's sister looking like the trumpet player in Monsanto. I bet Barry must have said that, oh, at leasy 47 trillion times, and I guess it was again my fault, because I laughed every single time. I could see it, in my mind. Well, I am HAPPY to report to this forum and especially to the Duke, that not only is the Bexar Nekkid Music website GONE, Wanda herself is GONE, too, left town in HUMILIATION, no doubt. Thank you MIKE TAYLOR, for helping make that Robert Johnson Gunter Hotel Hot Tamales CD Banquet such a resounding and complete FLOP and FINANCIAL DISASTER. You are such a brilliant producer of recorded art, we know the fact you DIDN'T DELIVER a CD in time for the BIG PROMO wasn't your fault at all. Its was Steven Earl Cureton's fault, because he was so fucking drunk when he overdubbed Flaco Jiminez onto some shit band while you were out of town smuggling marihuana out to the West Coast. Ooops, I think I let something slip out I wasn't supposed to say! Sorry! Hey, its ok, I'm entitled to talk about weed my mother's money paid for, aren't I? Hell, yeah, you thieving criminal piece of shit.



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