Teaching An Old Goat New Ticks

PPX in diapers, with a coonskin hat, a canteen, and a GUN
was I really so polite back then?
05-03-01 ::: 05:45:23 ::: infomania

I was astonished to read some of the original goat tick posts. Jim "Red" Corbett talks about how they have "tricked" me into showing who was responsible for this website, ME, and that the intent was malicious. I wrote this thing called "They Didn't Do It, Popeye-X Did It" clarifying what was going on and who was doing it.

I am not a group of people. A group of people is not me. I have my own opinions. They have their own opinions I have the password to editing this website, they don't. I own this website, they don't.

That wasn't goat ticks tricking popeye-x into implicating himself, that was popeye-x telling goat ticks what's really happening. There's nothing tricky about it. It not a hoax, a scam, an allegory, a satire, or even a fucked up story, its simply the truth.

Jim "Red" Corbett then says how "they've" contacted Intersat and are in contact with Mr. Cureton concerning some legal action against me for the content of this website. I didn't mention it at the time, but my Internet Provider, the dial-up connection at that time, was indeed Intersat. My webhost, however, was not. Man, I was shakin' in my boots.

In the last two years the name Steven Earl Cureton has been mentioned on upwards of 400 pages, multiple times. That's roughly one full blown page about Cureton, for every "empty Steve Cureton post" webgoat made on 3/18/03, when he went berserk, trying to wreck this message board by flooding it "for" Steven Earl Cureton. You wanted searchable Cureton hits? You got 'em. It was LOTS of fun. Still is!

The difference between my politeness then and my politeness now is HILARIOUS. Especially as it pertains to talking complete SHIT about Steven Earl Cureton for two fucking years. In that time, the plausibility factor has made a noticable shift. What used to seem improbable, now seems inevitable.
Webgoat wrote about "achieving their goals", which included having this website banned or taken down altogether because of its malicious content, restoring the good name of all the Steve Curetons who were being "hurt" by me, and finally helping Steven Earl Cureton establish a solid legal case against me, I guess because I called him a lying, thieving, rancid pile of chicken-fucking-shit, even though that's exactly what he is. I've tried to see how far I could take it, kind of a mindset s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-r, to see what happens when the shackles come off the suppression of imagination. I think it has changed my life in a big way.
For one thing, I lost count of how many "friends" I've realized we're full of bullshit, and I crossed them off my list just like THAT 'snap' Rev. Claude "Butch" Morgan and Demetria Monde Thramm come to mind. They're nazi puppeteers, playing with action figures, acting out cartoons they're remembering wrong, and trying to force their personal mindfuck butchwax on my flat-top. I notice both of them scorning my behavior including my deeds, my words, and my thoughts. They both have an assumed moral superiority I find to be very strange. and it is coupled with extreme pressure to behave within the context of their head trips.
Now come on, acting goody-goody for Jesus, or condemning the American war machine are just things I cannot do. It is completely impossible for me to be either of those things. Anybody who knows me will tell you that.

Be against the American military? No way in hell. I went thru a "peace" phase when I was 17 years old. I was a vegetarian, too. I had a 1-0 draft classification, that meant Conscientious Objector, not the 'be a medic' kind, the full blown 'don't go to war at all' kind. I vowed to try and wipe them from the face of the Earth. I didn't say that because I thought it would get me a deferment. I said it because I meant it. As a matter of fact, I was slightly "Jesus'ed" out at that same time. I didn't even smoke pot any more. I was "organic". I was a "hippie". I played a hell of a lot of acoustic guitar. I was very spiritual. Sound familiar?

About two years after that, I was somebody else entirely. Keyboards took over my life. Then synthesizers took over my keyboards. Then the guitar was in that context and my focus kind of mutated from live bands to recording. It was a way for me to play different instruments together. By writing a wide range of music, I had something to play on.

It takes quite a while to learn how to learn. You also have to learn who yourself is, or you can't do it. See how involved it is? Its totally worse than college. It becomes militant, just to get thru it. It becomes very similar to the biker thing, except the bike is a Noize Machine. It cycles inside a cinderblock building, sitting on a slab of concrete, in bumfuck Texas.

I'm 52 now, does ANYBODY really think I can be pressured into going back to how I was when I was 17... A spiritual vegetarian pacifist anti-war peace & love disciple of Christ, LSD, and Woodstock?



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