It Was So Easy,
Wasn't It?

From: pushover-x
05-03-04 ::: 19:09:57 ::: infomania

I'm glad somebody else noticed it, too. The guy is a mastermind. You just can't put one by Mr. Red.

Red who? Look in Google yourself, under Jim "Red" Corbett. He's one of those popeye-x cult members. He's gotta be. The only place you see his name is in connection with that STUPID hate site for toothless winos, (with a bunch of computers and synthesizers.)

Imagine that! I answer myself! My mom could have told him that. I used to get yelled at severely for that very crime. It seems I have this...OBSESSION... or INABILITY... call it what you will, I've got it, and it happens when I'm talking.... or rather, it DOESN'T happen... not soon enough anyway... I'm talking about "THE END".

It never comes. I always keep talking. And, if no one listens to me, well, let's just say, I know someone who ALWAYS listens, quite carefully as a matter of fact, no steam blown off here, just pure, uncut, unedited, un-proper-ized propaganda from the heart, off the cuff, exactly how it pops from my brain, with no fancy schmansy peculiarities like "wierd"...

I had a friend once who said it best. She was brilliant. by the way, a chemical engineer. A grown up woman, but still a kid at heart. Many things about her were like a baby child. Yes, I loved her. Still do.

Whatever she wants from me, she's got it. That includes her not wanting me. That's fine, and I approve completely. I want better for her than I can be, so its much much better. Not for me, for her, and that's ok, I'm grateful just to have known her because she's smart, she's fine, she's beautiful, and she matters SO MUCH MORE THAN JIM "RED" CORBETT EVER WILL, OR EVER COULD....

She said, "Weird Is For The Strong Minded". She ought to know.

In Red's mind, weird is like a sign of incongruity. Like there's a straight line and then... WEIRD bumps into it by accident, and after that, the line is no longer straight, and THAT'S BAD, real bad! A break in preset uniformity. Oh my God, who's in charge of this thing anyway? AH HA! Its him... the WEIRD guy! I knew it! Its one of them thar GOTCHA things, right?

Whoever has the most normal looking clothes, haircut, teeth, appearance, demeanor, not to mention "comfortable predictability", the most important factor when judging people you don't even know. Personally, I only trust people who dress, talk, think, and blindly agree with everything MY stereotype holds dear.

Even LIES.

Its ok, in our case, by us I mean, all the "good" people who conform to the same "standard" of normalcy as it is independently interpreted and acted out by each and every fellow conformist who looks, acts, and thinks like "US"... Red loves that "us" shit. You can't outnumber "us". we got TWO morons "here".

What the sad sack of ass kissing chickenshit doesn't realize is to most people, and I'm talking about smart, beautiful, unflummoxable babes, as well as men in general, are BORED SHITLESS by the mundane repetition of NORMALITY.

People make their living by being abnormal... ON PURPOSE. Not just a "thing to do", I'm telling you, they make their money that way. But it gets worse. Their whole life, from the forks they eat breakfast with, to the pillow cases they sleep at night with, everything in their life, is WEIRD. And they LOVE it that way. Anybody with any brains and/or money is just as weird as they wanna be, cuz THEY LIKE IT, and fuck everybody else. That's what the truly happy people do and think. What THEY want, no matter how fucking weird it seems to lesser mortals.

In my case, anyone will tell you this, I have always been so fucking bizarre and abstract to a threshold of unrelenting PAIN, when I wanna be, which is damn near all the time, I actually FORGOT what it was like to give a FUCK what so-and-so is gonna think, say, or do. I even quit thinking ahead all the time, trying to anticipate the standards of normalcy that face us all like solemn ghosts of long extinct ignorances, burned into the landscape by banal, copycat, gutless, big mouth drunken idiots of Ancient Mind Slavery Vintage, who cannot do anything except repeat the nefarious patterns of the past. Such cretins are constantly in search of "permission" to do ANYTHING different. And they think they're very level headed and conservative.

Here's what I think... no, WHAT I KNOW... they are nothing more than IDIOTS waiting to happen. Imbeciles in the disguise of highly intelligent, well educated, well mannered NORMAL PEOPLE. And they don't now their assholes from a series of tightly grouped holes in Steven Earl Cureton's forehead.

"Wow, how did that happen?" The answer is simple. Lots and lots of PRACTICE.



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