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The Soldiers Shot Them Because They DIDN'T Know Who They Were

From: that's their job
05-03-09 ::: 11:56:33 ::: infomania

It is incredible to me how grown adults can behave when they are WRONG and can't admit the mistake was THEIR OWN And the accusations cross the borderline into The Realm Of Wack-Ass Blame faster than you can even blink your eyes. This Italian journalist was KIDNAPPED and held for ransom, which was paid, and then this Italian government hatched scheme ran into trouble when approaching a "surprise" American checkpoint on a main road leading into Baghdad airport.

Dealing directly with suicide car bombers on a street level, face to face, is part of what the American military is doing in Iraq. The United States is through sitting on its hands doing nothing, like they have since 1982, the time of the FIRST suicide truck bomb that waxed the USMC in Lebanon. If the US had dealt with the governments behind the terrorists who pulled that off, and nipped this whole suicide bomber trend in the bud RIGHT THEN AND THERE, this anit-American Italian "journalist" wouldn't have been in Iraq to get kidnapped in the first place.

For those of you who THINK you know what's going on, let Popeye-X fill you in since you never pay attention to the news, nor do you think thru your own WACK-ASS theories, and no one ever calls you on it because you don't have "discussions" about anything with anybody. You just "protest" and "criticize" and hammer your rhetoric down people's throats without even examining it yourself, just like this so-called journalist who is lucky to be alive all.

By the way, this deadly fiasco is HER OWN GOVERNMENT'S FAULT, the root of the incompetence being Italy not supporting America 1000% in fighting terrorism. Its their ATTITUDE that's at fault, and this is plainly obvious by observing the woman's wacky-tacky accusations that the American soldiers fired upon them because they KNEW WHO THEY WERE, which is just not fair.

Those American soldiers are there to do a job and that job ain't to PREVENT FREEDOM. Its the other way around, and any idiot knows that. You don't go risk your life to go destroy something you're trying to preserve, not if you're a soldier. Maybe a JOURNALIST would go putz around hoping to "prove the Americans wrong", they might even end up getting themselves KIDNAPPED by the "insurgents" they are interviewing, uh huh.... that's what usually happens, right? But American soldiers are there on the side of that American flag, and that American flag stands for something that is crystal clear, and murdering people who want only to be free ain't it.

Like I was saying, the original suicide truck bomb terrorists, Hamas and Hezzbolla, financed and harbored by Syria and Iran respectively, are who's actually doing all this expensive, well planned killing. That's who's behind your "insurgents". This is not a secret. It is common knowledge. It is also FUCKING OBVIOUS. Look at a motherfucking map. QUIT LYING!

We ought to BOMB THE FUCK out of those phony baloney Islamic cocksuckers. Syria needs to get the fuck out of Lebanon, and turn over all the Hamas dickheads to the US, lock, stock, and barrel, like they just did with Hussein's brother. Same with Iran and their goddamn kill squad, Hezzbolla. Its these countries and governments that have WANTED WAR for over 20 years. "They wanted war, they got it." - George W. Bush

And the whole issue of nuclear weapons of mass destruction is TOTALLY PERTINENT. You're goddamn right they didn't find anything, and they better not! Because if, and when they do, that's going to be IT, the real war starts right then. And it NEEDS to be with exactly those two goddamn cocksucking murdering governments, SYRIA and IRAN, but don't forget the granddaddy LIARS, the biggest phonies of all... SAUDI ARABIA. Straighten out Syria and Iran, and watch the problems with Israel disappear overnight, by CLEANING THEIR FUCKING CLOCKS, without any apology or excuse whatsoever.

They got it coming. Do it for the US Marines to gave their lives in 1982, trying to PREVENT this war that has be inevitable since day one. And then let that be the ultimate example of what's going to REALLY go down to Saudi Arabia, and that's the LAST FUCKING WARNING they get, before we remove those crooked sunza bitches ourselves, just like we told them we would in 1973-74, when OPEC started their "economic warfare" against the US.

All you anti-war liberals seem to be oblivious to the history of what went into this situation, You're blaming George W. Bush for something that was set in motion long before his time, it was even before his dad's time. (Strangely enough, NeverForget's "joke" about it being the "fault" of Ronald Reagan is spot on accurate! But it goes back further than that, all the way to preWategate-Nixon, but he inherited from LBJ. It goes back to the Hitler days, basically. Do we let them kill the Jews, or not? The answer is No.... HELL NO! And that decision is what is at the root of ALL THIS SHIT, by the way, the US made the RIGHT decision, and we stand by it to this day, as we should.)

Not avenging the death of the Marines ion 1982 is unforgivable. The USMC has never "lost" any battle, and they never will. They might die, yes, but lose? NEVER.



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