Popeye-X Is A Music PIG
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I've been using Ableton LIVE 4 and Native Instruments Reaktor 4 to create throbbing rhythm guide tracks, kind of inspiration templates for recording and jamming with friends at the same time. I make these evolving beats with a VERITABLE SHITLOAD of samples I made myself from scratch. Its mostly percussion, the tonal centers are left blank, its more of a rhythm feel and a sonic atmosphere, like when a painter will sketch the framework of a composition on the canvas with charcoal, kind of like a home made coloring book, black lines outlining the form of what is to be colored in at a later stage. I mix these rhythms into a solid mono track, with a bunch of improvised rhythm arrangements.
Sometimes there are mandatory tonal centers, like a bassline or a melody or chord that the musicians have to learn before they can jam naturally with the feel, but that's no more than 1/3 of the beats, 2/3 could be in any key, with whatever notes the musicians respond with. If Eric starts wailing guitar in Bb, I supply a Bb bass while he's tracking, its kind of like recording live, except I'm able to go back and fix any mistakes I might have made. I record the audio I'm spewing out, but I also record the midi output from my keys, too. Editing midi is WONDERFUL, it makes me able to achieve real satisfaction in my quest for performance perfectionism.
If the music inspires a compelling idea in my head, I won't be satisfied until I really achieve it in REALITY, i. e. coming out of my speakers sounding exactly the way my innermost preferences demand. I've always been greedy to get my way, but when you're working by yourself, getting your way is not a matter of general consensus, its just mind splitting, ball busting HARD WORK, you have to be driven by the ANNOYANCE that you won't be happy as long as whatever it is falls short of the conception in your head.

What I need is something I can throw at musicians' ears so they can respond in their own ways to the feel I have created and placed on a single track , that way, when the boys walk in the door, the rhythms are already established in the multitrack. Some of these things are 5 minutes long, some are over 30 minutes long, but they go thru movements and sound evolutions, like a bunch of renegade bongos going berserk, but already recorded. I mix them to mono when possible because of size and punch. Nothing can beat mono when it comes to solid rhythm and/or bass coming thru the headphones. A mono gives you a no nonsense fist punching your face square on. Stereo has a tendency to swim around your head in circles, like flocks of birds flying to and fro. Mono lays it down with one clear cut, throbbing rhythm pathway to travel down and of course jam your ass off, the way YOU want to, which is a rare privilege in the so-called music biz.

I was looking at my stash of hot, as yet unused rhythm tracks, and guest what? I HAVE OVER 2 DOZEN!!! Probably about 30 in all. What I'm saying is, the next time the lads come over, I should have upwards of THIRTY new tunes to jam on already in the system and able to play back NOW... or any other time. Naturally, first we gotta get real high on whatever, then the rhythm comes on, and we all dick with it at the same time, each part going to its own individual track. This means anything can be put in or left out, or repaired to perfection, if so desired.
That may not sound like a big deal to most people, but musicians hardly ever get a chance to go back and fix something they regret playing. Eric likes to come over and play for about 2 or 3 days, all day and all night, I record all of it, its just about all keeper quality. We've got at least 20 "songs" already recorded and mixed, some of them are truly inspiring to hear. I play them for people and they say, THAT'S YOU? or that's the 23 year old kid playing lead?
Its just a bunch of jamming and instrumental soloing mixed in a psychedelic swirl of melting liquid plastic electricity EAR GOO. When you hear it, you just naturally start hearing lyrics in your mind. That's the whole point! INSPIRATION. You can't buy it at any price. The world is a very boring place full of boring music, but inside MY HEAD is exactly what I've always been looking for. You know that U2 song, "And I still haven't found what I'm looking for"? Well, that ain't Popeye-X, he definitely HAS FOUND WHAT HE'S LOOKING FOR. The coolest part is I just counted up the results of working my butt off for no pay at all, except now I have 30 NEW TUNES to dick with. I'm a fucking PIG!!!



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