Go See Mel Gibson's Passion Of Christ

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From: popeye-x
05-03-18 ::: 19:06:32 ::: infomania

I don't even wanna hear the rhetoric, I don't have time for any more bullshit from these genius phonies who put on a fake persona of MORAL SUPERIORITY, be it a liar who turned into a preacher for Jesus, but forgot to stop lying, and WON'T ADMIT IT, or a whining San Francisco hippie chick who won't stifle her wack ass anti war lecturing, and then is shown that famous picture of the suicide bomber in Iraq who got his brains blown out BEFORE he murdered innocent bystanders, and this "compassionate humanitarian" claims "its not very nice" because I offer her the split second GLIMPSE of the reality behind the SUBJECT that she will not drop, nor answer direct questions about, and WON'T ADMIT IT.

BOTH of these previously cherished friends, from opposite ends of the so called "spectrum of sanity", when faced with direct confrontation of the issues contained in their own words, resorted to personal insults and attacks on me because I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH THEIR HORSESHIT.

I didn't mean anything against them personally, but if they think they're going to fly their twisted conceptions of "peace" by FORCING IT ON ME, when I know damn well its A-1 BULLSHIT, they will encounter a thickness of skull that will be hard to penetrate, and that's putting it mildly. BOTH OF THEM neglected to stand by me in my hour of need, opting instead to hammer away on their own personal agendas, which I have analyzed and noticed are based on the same thing: An OVER BLOATED perception of their own "moral high ground" from which they are acting out these roles of being ABOVE everyone else. Basically they are preachers who are NAZIS. Fuck 'em.

I don't want your goddamn friendship if you can't LET ME BE ME. Not YOUR version of me, MY version of me. FUCK YOU. I think for myself, and I completely REJECT any notion that ANYBODY is so morally superior to me, its ok to treat me in a dehumanized manner. Both of these former friends APOLOGIZED. and I accepted their apologies, but they didn't change, and they didn't mean it. So I told them to go FUCK THEMSELVES.

And now I won't LET THEM straighten out the beef, there is no beef. Its just a straight up FUCK YOU, get the fuck outta my face before its too late. Go see that motherfucking Jesus movie, and shut the fuck up, you make me sick. I'm serious. I wanna fucking throw up! GO look at all of Jesus' BLOOD. That oughta sober you up, you stupid motherfuckers.

WAR is the only thing I believe in, everything else is pretty much known as fact. I don't have to "believe" in it, I KNOW its true already. That Jesus movie verifies my viewpoint as well as anything I have ever experienced. Go see it! You think you might not want to? You're goddamn right you don't want to, and that's exactly what makes it so important that you DO GO SEE IT. Once you see it, you'll know PRECISELY what the fuck I'm talking about. Then we can discuss any aspect of PEACE you have in mind.

The Bible ALWAYS emphasized the BLOOD. That's what the red in the American flag stands for. Fuck "Red" Corbett. That's rinky dink bullshit "red". That's Steven Earl Cureton's RED FACE from being exposed to be a liar on an unimaginable scale. Surprise! I know all about you Claude Morgan, Demi Monde Thraam, Mike Taylor, etc. types.
You know what you are to me?


Trying to feed off of my brain without doing the hard part that comes along with it. FUCK Y'ALL. It doesn't end just be cause you're thru using me. I'm coming after you, and I'm gonna fuck you up, because you deserve it.



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