Re: Sounds Like Your Dippin' Into Gabbage Patch 2's Attention Def...

from: G-Head One

That's what I was thinking, too. I like fuzz, except when there's too much bass. Crystal clarity, right now, isn't my number one goal. Right now, the goal is to figure out the program. Compared to what you guys are doing, I'm just dicking around. Compared to that shitty band I was in back in 1997, though, this is a pretty big step. Not that I want to be crap plus one or anything. Baby steps for now. The eventual goal is to create my own loops (Reaktor and Ableton, a good keyboard set-up, and any musicians I can find), and score my own movies. I'm hoping they'll sound as far from "electronica" or "new wave" as possible: if I can use electronic instruments to create acoustic- or organic-sounding music, rad. One of my heroes in this case is the sound designer Ben Burtt, who did the "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" films. Back in 1977, the tendency was for sci-fi movie sound effects (and music) to sound "futuristic," meaning lots of electronic blips and bloops. He took the opposite route, and created organinc-sounding effects. That's why you can't accurately recreate the R2-D2 bleeps or blaster fire with solely electronic means: the robot is a combo of synth and Burtt's voice, and the blaster sounds are just Burtt whacking a taut, metal wire with a wrench, touched up with synth later on. I want to create my own loops and, eventually, songs, using this method, among others. A heavy knowledge of Ableton and Reaktor will take it even further. (Not to mention that fantastic stuff you're doing with Sound Forge. That post about making Sound Forge into its own little Pro-Tools was fantastic. One day, I will actually understand it, nyuk-nyuk.) No attention deficit meds on this end. Just school. That will turn anyone into a zombie, and not even a cool George Romero or Lucio Fulci one. You become one of those shitty running zombies from the "Dawn of the Dead" remake: constantly darting back and forth, with no sense of direction except the taste of human flesh. I prefer the slow, shuffling gait I used to have. The PPX loops (still need to get with you again so I can get more of those) have helped keep me focused on the ultimate goal: creation, distribution, and good times. Everything else is temporary.



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