When I'm 55 I want there to be plenty of nineteen and twenty-year-old bimbos with low self-esteem

from: ؿؙ

Dear Megalomaniacs, There has been a growing controversy recently over designer babies. New proposals in Great Britain would allow for parents to be given the right to choose the sex of their baby, among other things, if passed into law. Let me come right out and without any preamble state that this is just plain wrong. And here's the reason... If this becomes a common practice in the United States, in 25 years there won't be any fucking hotties to hit! Look at it this way, if you're about to become a father and you start thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of both boys and girls, you're going to start thinking about all of the things you can pass on to your son, all of the experience you've gained and all of the life lessons you've learned. You're going to start thinking about all of the bonding that will take place, going to that first ball game, telling him to buck up and teaching him how to throw a right cross when he comes home with a bloody nose from his first fight. Telling him if he wants to borrow the car he'd better damn well get his ass out there and get a job so he can pay for his own dammed gas. When you start considering a little girl all you're going to be thinking about is how some seventeen-year-old pervert is going to feed her a few beers when she's fourteen, lure her into the back seat of his Camaro, and then fill your little princess up with a load of man-juice while she's drooling vomit on herself before leaving her, with her pants still unbuttoned, unconscious on your front porch. Is it going to be worth it when you can just pay a couple thousand dollars to guarantee a boy? Pretty much the only chicks will be coming from lesbian couples who want to raise a little dyke of their own, and you're probably not going to be hitting that anyway, and from single mothers who want a little girl on whom to lavish all the affection that their mothers never gave them, but who they just end up psychologically abusing anyway. When I'm 55 I want there to be plenty of nineteen and twenty-year-old bimbos with low self-esteem running around looking for a little attention and recognition from an understanding and affectionate father-figure. So let's leave genetic engineering to God, shall we?



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