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from: but I'm not the only one

Its unbelievable isn't it? but that sort of makes sense because Steven Earl Cureton is unbelievable, right? Some say its getting old, but what this Curetonian shit IS ABOUT is what's REALLY gotten old. I don't see any other "hate" sites spontaneously springing up, with one after another victims coming out of the woodwork, totally fed up with ONE PARTICULAR ASSHOLE, and everyone is saying the same shit. That takes a true "following". And I also notice, except for me and the duke, none of us really know each other except in the most socially vague way, yet we're all nodding our heads REALLY GLAD there's other like minded people actually saying something. MOSTof them are women. What the fuck do you say now, Mr. Steven Earl Cureton, THE WELL-KNOWN AND EXTENSIVELY DOCUMENTED pile of woman beating chickenshit? And don't forget 2 faced LIAR and THIEF, while you're at it. You'd think, surely, after two fucking relentless YEARS of this bullshit, it would die down, or something, right? I've never seen anything quite like it online, I guess I've seen movies where an angry mob gets their hands on some asshole that's fucked them all over, its NOT PRETTY. Let this be a lesson to so-called men who think women can't do anything about it. Too bad so many had to go thru the same shit, but in the end it kind of makes a point that's HARD TO DISPUTE. Something about a small gathering of pissed off women, this is when you see how truly deep the cowardice runs. I think if there was a message board with women saying these thing about me, I would at least go to the place they're gathered at and APOLOGIZE en masse. But you know what? Its not just women. I'm AT LEAST as pissed off as these ladies, who have a hell of a lot of BALLS, if you ask me. And they are totally FAIR about it, too, notice that. That's what we guy's usually call "being a man" about something, in terms of facing up to WHAT'S RIGHT when we know we are WRONG. All this is facing up to WHAT'S WRONG because we know we are RIGHT. And that's totally FAIR GAME, in my book. Fuck polite. To whoever wrote that post, you are more than welcome, and thank YOU for posting.



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