yes, its a cake, see his glass of milk?

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People who love gypsy doug should love those photos, does that look like him to you? I LOVE the way he's dressed like a cowboy, that's why I say "Hitler Youth", I had a Davy Crockett Hat at the time, you'll notice my website begins there, that's how they brainwashed us into being "loyal Americans" back then. I LOVE the real happiness I see on Doug's face there, he's all jaded now, aren't we all? But the spirit of that happiness is what I consider "Gypsy Doug" to be all about.

My friend, Gypsy, from Holland, didn't quite understand my "hitler youth" joke about Dougie, its understandable, she doesn't realize how Doug always accuses me of wishing I was Hitler. I don't mind that, its TRUE! HAHAHA! You could film me and Doug having a conversation and that could be a mild form of boring American Television in and of itself.

I have an old saying, "Never try to explain Gypsy Doug to your mom." I know because I tried it one time, it didn't work. Gypsy, (the woman), is a mom, not my mom, but she's similar to my mom, you know... "smart" and "sweet"? And I foolishly tried to "explain" Gypsy Doug to her. It didn't work out too well.

Fortunately, Toxi, (an American in Germany who knew Gypsy Doug and is looking for him) sort of understood my silly jokes, even though she, too, is a mom. For those of you who are STILL in the dark, Gypsy is that sweet little 3 year old girl playing the organ in the post: "Addicted To Music". Click the pic to see her beautiful mom. Yes, its true, the apple don't fall too far from the tree.

Gypsy Doug's smile is something those who love him will never forget. Even the mention of that asshole Hitler doesn't phase Dougie's smile. Toxi, does that look like "your" Gypsy Doug?



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