here's what your mother knows...what's this "your mother should know" shit?

From: I smell chickenshit
05-03-31 ::: 10:45:55 ::: infomania

And judging by the STUPIDITY displayed, it kind of confirms it. I would like everyone to observe the desperation of someone who is incapable of any humor except the most disgusting level of cruelty, it reminds me of "Seventeen year old cat? Maybe he did her a favor!". It shows you something very HONEST, though, if you get past the sheer chickenshited-ness. That's the ONLY FORM of honesty you will see from that son-of-a-bitch. The utter PITS that is the twisted soul it emanated from... so intense was the HATRED, the exact wording was completely ignored. It kind of spoils the snappy answer when its answering something that wasn't even said, right?

And hatred for what? Someone who simply DOESN'T LIKE being ripped off? Who the fuck LIKES being ripped off? Who the fuck LIKES being beaten up and humiliated? Its not doing anyone harm to NOT LIKE being treated this way, is it? Why would you HATE someone for disliking it just as much as you would dislike it? Hate them for SAYING IT HAPPENED? Isn't DOING IT worse than SAYING IT HAPPENED? Does anyone need a more clear example than this?

Whatever happened to "I didn't do that," or "I'm sorry I did that," or "I'm sorry I did that to you, and I understand completely why you wouldn't like it, because I wouldn't like it either." It wouldn't make up for doing it, but at least it would show something. Some TRUTH. Why is that so bad? Why would you HATE the TRUTH that much? There is something "BAD" inside you, son. It smells exactly like A-1 lilly livered CHICKENSHIT to me. I know REAL CHICKENSHIT when I smell it.

I think you resort to such un-funny brutality because you are intellectually incapable of FACING THE FUCKING SUBJECT MATTER BEING DISCUSSED. You are just RETARDED, there's no other possible explanation. You have no functional concept of "do unto others...". You are extraordinaire, just like Mommy says. Quite frankly, I think you have a DEATH WISH, bigtime. Watch out what you wish for!



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