Steven Earl Cureton Wants To Know What's Up With
This "Earl Who?" Stuff

From: Earl who?
05-04-03 ::: 17:06:48 ::: infomania

PPX: This was my reply to an email from Steven Earl Cureton demanding to know what all this "Earl who?" shit was about. It seems I'm always saying "Earl who?" to him at the most peculiar moments. For those of you who probably don't know, Earl was Steve's dad, who Steve misses very much.

We were talking on the telephone 8/18/02, I said, "I knew you were lying when I put it to you in terms of Patsy being like Earl and you didn't care at all."
And you said "Earl who?"

Since you are incredibly STUPID, and you asked, I will bother to explain it to you now, ONCE. Pay attention

I remember when we were at El Potosino, Earl just happened to cross your mind, and we paused while you wiped a tear. My whole point was, when I think of Patsy (my MOM you asshole) I too feel these heart wrenching tears from losing her.

But IN ADDITION TO LOSING HER, I have the knowledge that Bob Cox, Mike Talyor, and Steven EARL Cureton stole her money. So my natural sense of LOSS is amplified greatly. UNDERSTAND?

Its not just you being a phony superstar of the San Antonio Blues Society. Its my mother. THIS IS WHY BOB COX DID IT. He didn't do it because you are extraordinaire.

The fact you get teary eyed about Earl, but don't care in the slightest about Patsy, showed me EARLY ON you were a sociopathic asshole. That means, you HAVE NO CONSCIENCE or any clue AT ALL how other people FEEL. .All you care about is the ONLY thing you understand...
and that is YOU and only YOU.

And that is precisely why everyone
on this board hates your fucking guts.

Notice how you say "let's leave everybody's mother alone" now think about what I wrote above about "Earl WHO?"

Do you "get it?" the second you get it, you immediately toss it out of your mind and pretend you don't know about it, and to you, that's the same thing as it not being true. So naturally, when you read on the Internet about it, it seems like I'm doing something bad to you, but really, I'm just SAYING WHAT YOU REALLY DID.

It was bad for me. You can't do it, and then leave out that bad part for me. It all goes together. Did Bob Cox tell you "no worries about the bad part, no one will know!" Well, Steve... HE LIED. HE'S A BIGGER LIAR THAN YOU ARE.
Get it?

Yes, he absolutely DID murder Babycat. And Buddy too. The day he killed Buddy you and I exchanged emails about 4 times. You knew he was over here. You knew he was stealing from me. You didn't know he was going to kill Buddy that day, but if you had been a real friend, instead of HELPING these assholes steal from me, you'd help me catch them red handed. We COULD have done that. Instead, Buddy got murdered... THAT DAY.

You think I'm just making this shit up? You are too stupid to stay alive, Cureton. Earl who, MY ASS!



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