There's A Reason I Didn't Drop The Big Names

from: I didn't mean to diminish the achievement

plus I didn't have my info straight enough, so I decided to opt for something more my style, which is skippin gthe "big names" and talking about the guys I REALLY idolize, the "unknowns" who are greatness personified. It comes from being friends with Will Alexander. After you see Jan Hammer carrying Will's anvil cases in from the car, like you do, it starts to dawn on you... wow, my "unknown" FRIEND is the real hero! Ed Zep is in the same class as Will Alexander, and I never say anything like that lightly. I have a unique insight to the inner workings of bigtime fame, but its only obvious shit. After seeing the guys in DEVO realize I can get thru to Will instantly, something big rock stars have trouble with, they started STROKING ME to get to HIM! I know the deal, Nokie was in the motherfucking VENTURES. That says it s all. Alomst. He's got Ed Zep on bass, NOW THAT SAYS IT ALL, in my book. God bless Nokie. I love his amp and guitar, too. I would have bragged on him, but I got someone better to brag on, my FRIEND, Mr. Ed. When Ed removed the oxygen tube from that pic of my Uncle Bob, my whole family stammered in awe out of sheer LOVE. for this sweet human being. All the greats have this sweetness. Freank Zappa iis a prime example. No trace of the ego thrown around on the local yokel level of jealous motherfuckers who CAN'T PLAY. The greats are humble, they GIVE. They don't TAKE. They LOVE the music. They don't try to use it to project a fake persona of grandeur. Thank you for sending that COOL ASS PIC, Ed, it gave me a chance to show people how much I love you.



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