popeye-x replies to a 6:21AM email from Steven Earl Cureton

From: I guess he was up all night ignoring popeye-x
05-04-05 ::: 15:01:03 ::: infomania

PPX: Cureton is really on a roll ignoring me, here's my reply to an email he sent me at 6:21AM. I'll be quite honest, I don't actually read them all, I kinda glance to get the gist, which is ALWAYS a lie, no matter what. I see what the lie is all about THIS TIME, then I start typing. His email is below it. I think he's trying to pep talk himself using me as a captive audience. He thinks I'll fall for the same horseshit he makes up in his head for himself to fall for. I don't buy into ANYTHING he says... its ALWAYS a lie! Notice how he rambles about all his "new found time".

PPX to Cureton:

Subject: chop off a head, hopefully MORE

Its not working, shithead, apparently you are so full of your own SHIT, you think I am prone to falling for it. I AM NOT.

fuck you! I'll say any GODDAMN THING I FEEL LIKE SAYING, you will NEVER do ANYTHING about it. You'd be SNITCHING YOURSELF OFF and you WILL NOT DO THAT.

Fuck your "friend". That cocaine you stuck up his nose is making both of you DELUSIONALLY STUPID. you can tell HIM I SAID "FUCK YOU!" and tell his "instructor" popeye-x says SUCK MY WEBSITE'S FUCKING DICK, and if I ever happen to lay eyes on ANY of you cocaine baked MORONS, inside my house, I am going to shoot you in the motherfucking head without a second thought.

fuck him, fuck you, fuck bob cox, fuck mike taylor, fuck donnie meals, bring it on, make my motherfucking day, I don't give a FUCK about the law, because you will NEVER EVER turn to them for "help". Even if you try, Cox, your puppetmaster will stop you, because he is a fucking MURDERER.

Ok, you've said your big blowhard LIE, this is my answer, and its NOT A LIE! In fact, I'm putting all of this online just to show you how much I BLATANTLY DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU DO!!!!

I'm so much smarter than you and everyone you know, I have you completely figured out AHEAD OF TIME. Add to that the FACT I'm the ONLY one who knows what's really going on. Bottom line: Bob Cox is a fucking cold blooded murderer.

He murdered Ron Travis 6/13/1994, he died right there in Taylor's bathroom. Cox spent 4 years "hanging out" at the murder scene with you INCREDIBLY STUPID DIPSHITS.

He's Ted Bundy In Wingtips.

The whole reason he did this shit is he FALSELY ASSUMES I was Ron Travis' friend. I wasn't. If I was, Cox would be dead this very minute. Cox would BUMP YOU OFF before he would let you snitch to the police.

FUCK YOU, Cureton! Let's call the cops right now you fucking asshole! God, you are so STUPID, its HARD to even conceive of it.

My message board is not ABOUT YOU reading it. Its about OTHER PEOPLE reading it. I didn't even know you were reading it until Another Victim told me "its your life". I assumed you're ignoring it. Ok, you read it every day all day long, its your "world".

What you fail to comprehend is you are IRRELEVANT. You are the victim of Bob Cox and your own psychotic break from REALITY. I've told you out loud and up front about this Bob Cox The Murderer angle. Its not just a line of horseshit. ITS THE FUCKING TRUTH.

Let's set all the bank fraud conspiracy aside for a moment, and pause to consider what a DIM VIEW the police will take of you ignoring the information I'm telling you, and continuing to trivialize about your stinkin' COCAINE BAG. Nobody gives a FUCK about you, dipshit. You are the lackey. The Stooge. Its just a matter of time until YOUR MOM kills you! For being a bigger asshole than anyone has ever heard of in your family.

I don't believe FOR ONE MICROSECOND anything you wrote in this email, and I will say so publicly, and loudly to prove it to you, and everybody else.

You're wasting your precious cocaine stuffing it into the nostrils of these pinheads who'll TELL YOU ANYTHING YOU WANNA HEAR. Its a bunch of dingbat bullshit, and anybody who knows anything about DRUGS will recognize "cocaine decisions" when they see them. Why don't you wave a big flag that says, "Baked potatohead right here! Cocaine bag nearby at all times!"

I have every right to talk about drugs if I want to, its YOU that has started the false accusations, like the dumbshit you truly are. LYING is all you know how to do. You haven't told the truth in so many years you forgot what it even means. I'm not intimidated by what you say about me BECAUSE IT ISN'T TRUE!

Why should I be scared? I'd be DELIGHTED to talk to ANY cop, law enforcement, or investigator who wants to talk. Come over ANY TIME. I don't give a fuck, I'm used to people lying about me to the police. I'M USED TO IT! I was used to it 15 years ago when DD said I had a "speedlab" in my apartment! The cops don't even bother with BULLSHIT like that, they're too busy actually fighting REAL CRIME, that happened LAST NIGHT, trying to keep inebriated IDIOTS such as yourself safe from YOURSELF.

I've been to court TWICE because of lies like yours. I know where it goes.... NOWHERE. Its oldhat, that's what LITTLE GIRLS do, LIE TO MOMMY AND DADDY. Your phony "legal recourse" BULLSHIT doesn't work on me AT ALL, you pitiful drunken coward.

When I said you were CHICKENSHIT, I meant every fucking word. Its not just "saying bad stuff". Its a technical description, and it contains all the "legal" ramifications implied with it. You will NEVER DO ANYTHING. You are too CHICKENSHIT!

End of story.

-----Original Message----- From: Steve Cureton [mailto:scureton@satx.rr.com
Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2005 6:21 AM To: popeye-x

Cureton to PPX:

Subject: Spring ahead & hopefully more...

Kurt, I wrote you about a pleasant sounding situation, that fell in my lap... Well, It looks like I couldn't have asked for more. A friend had called & asked how I was doing and I sighed. He asked, "Don't tell me that Popeye bastard is still going on." I told him unfortunately so & actually has been picking up speed. He told me "well put, I think I've got something for you." He did, I met with an intelligent young man that had briefly perused your site & asked me to bring a few of your emails." He seemed more pleased than I'd expected. He said there was a "closed case study" assignment that was difficult to source. I mentioned that your site is available to the entire world on internet. He said "yeah, but I couldn't have found anything this perfect from a search engine." Apparently, his instructor/chief is a real tough guy to please & had turned down several of his potential subjects. I asked him how old he was & he said he couldn't tell me. I said he looked about 26 or 27 & he said thanks. So, then I said "oh, then you're 28 or 29." He repeated he couldn't tell me & I asked "so you're, 30? He gave me the "stink-eye." He noted the outrageous amount of "hate pages" devoted to me & asked "is he gay for you?" I replied, "ewwww, I hope not & anyway ... nobody can treat me that way and get any of my sweet stuff!" He liked that. He asked several other common initial questions like "Does this guy have a life?" I shrugged and answered "he thinks so." "is he a musician? I said yes. He asked if your were good, I answered yes. He asked what you had done recently. I told him that you would have some references to that on your site between the shitstorm of hatred towards me, but he'd have to dig a bit. He asked me if you really believe the stuff about someone murdering your cats. I answered, "absolutely." He asked if I believed that... I returned his "stink-eye." He said, "no, really ... this great... it's an important beginning point" & referred to it as something like a "baseline of credibility." He said the "Coxsucker Conspiracy" entries where promising, but he had more than enough to present. We had a short conversation, yesterday. He was super-pleased & was sure that he had upgraded his situation before he started the preliminary process. Not only that, someone else would be working with him, exclusively on the content about me. Guess, the "big guy" was finally more than satisfied. And, congratulations!, he believes that others are going to be monitoring & evaluating your entire site. Your audience just grew & not only that will be rewarded for viewing your site. Anyway, he told me that I had to agree to discontinue communications with you. Something about tainting the investigation. I told him that it would be my pleasure to remove myself from all & especially this new "dragging my mother" even further into this shit. I asked him what he thought about the mom thing. He questioned, "I assume all involved are all well past 21 years of age?" Yeah, absolutely! He said, "Well, 'I'm going to tell your mommy' type of threats aren't really expected from 'the big people.' " I asked him if I should let you know what's going on. He told me that everything that he had said to me was okay to share with you. Actually, he said it was suggested when dealing with (I love this) "uber-instigators." I told him "Kurt will love that, he has a good name for it & he just loves Nazis!" But, that's where I have to cease communication. I asked if I should monitor your trash. He said, "Well, you can but why don't you take a well- deserved vacation from this thing...what's it been 4 years?" He, furthered that they would contact me at the end of the project, but not to expect that to be soon. Past that, he told me to forward all your emails & gave me a pager number. Finally, he told me that they would contact me if they thought anything required such. So, I assume this is a "war game" style assignment. But, it's quite fine with me.. no one can expect to "pump me for information." The whole thing is now officially out of my hands. I'm pissed at myself for wasting so much of my life with this sick and uneeded crap! I can't imagine anything less entertaining or less worthy. I'd prefer to stare at a well-formed turd in a bowl for hours than one more minute of this asylum. Okay, that's it... I can't even imagine how much more peaceful & constructive my newly found time will be. I see that I've received the first email to be forwarded from you, how lovely. I'm now tendering my indefinite "leave of absence." have fun...stevie radio silence... were off the air... goodnite..



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