Re: There's A Reason I Didn't Drop The Big Names

from: unexpected bonus

Ah, Todd. Your guttersnipe mewling is sweet music to my ears. Apparently you never got the punchline. That's great! Kurt and I are still great friends, so something must be up that you have no clue about. All this time later, and you still can't come up with anything better than muttering about butt-fucking kids every time you see one of my posts (which anybody with half a brain can see is highly suspicious, given the circumstances. I don't have kids, and you do. A son, right? Obsess much?) And I can't think of anything that delights me more than finding out that a photochop of somebody else's dick I posted on a completely different message board over three years ago (which was only online for less than a day before being censored anyway) has caused such bowel blockage for you all this time later. No greater gift, I tell ya. I posted that to try to get a particular bodacious webcam slut to send me pictures of her snatch - which caused even more hilarity later on when she asked me to co-mod a sex forum on yet another message board - and simultaneously told one blabbermouth that it was a photoshop and another blabbermouth that it was the real deal, to see who would spread the bullshit further. Turns out the "it's real" camp won, which is just terrific. Hell, you obviously bought it, so you tell us about it. Oh wait, you already did. Again. Fucking thing became legendary, especially if you're still upset about it all these years later. Goddamn, that makes my day, really. The wimp who censored it was really upset, too. Now I ask you, if a guy who runs a message board gets so upset because somebody posts a picture of a great big ol' kidney-prod that he leaps for the "delete" key, you can pretty well bet that he's forced to go through life - such as it is - with a tiny nodule poking out from above his itty-bitty testicles (as if he had them), where a penis should be. I mean, if I was in a similar situation, I don't think I'd delete a pic of somebody else's dick (real or fake) just because common sense says that doing so is the same as admitting that you're hung like a chipmunk. That's one thing. How much worse is it to be a loser who's jealous about a pic of a fake dick that appeared more than three years ago on another message board entirely? Wow. What's the view like from the bottom of the barrel? Can you scrape up another remark about having anal sex with kids? Don't worry, nobody suspects anything. Your secret is safe with us.



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